Ingress literally unplayable in my area!

I used to enjoy microfielding in my small local town. Sometimes in the town center, sometimes in the local park. Now it is becoming impossible 😡 What used to be a pleasant walk is now an hour or two of driving to clear out all the cross links from Machina before I can even start my walk.

I am seriously considering to stop playing Ingress until this Machina rubbish disappears or at least stops interfering with my gameplay in a way that makes me do arduous tasks before I can even start with linking and fielding.



  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭✭

    There wasn't enough data points being generated because of the after affects of plague and someone insists on "Time to Move," as mantra.

  • Then it's about time to get more data points)) Like, number of new fields and links: do players have enough time and motivation to drive around to clear red blockers first, or they give up and play less?

  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭✭

    If we can fence them off, they cease to be a threat and become farmable. At that point you might as well remove them. I vote that crossing links is the one thing they need to retain. You want decay or limit the length of links ok, that's reasonable. But to remove the ability of it cross links defeats the purpose of having a new enemy to deal with.

  • I actually want to see a picture of your area, if that is possible?

  • When looking on your map & study it. It doesnt make sense.

    I do like that the Red Team / machina is active, that I dont deny.

    This is totally unfair towards people who likes to walk & play, so I understand your frustration. I like to walk & play.

    Red Team / machina should only be able to link to portals next to each other, we got very long links here.

    This isnt an easy game to play, many things doesnt make sense & your map explains one of them.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just means having to plan ahead before beginning to do fielding.

    Capturing a portal, any portal means that Machina won't do anything with it. Essentially "inoculationing" it.

    The crux of the issues players as yourself are finding, is it wouldn't be much of an issue if the Ingress devs applied the check-for-crossing-links check for Machina.

    The only thing I can think of why they didn't apply the check for crossing links, is that the expected overhead processing on the server would have lagged Ingress to unplayable.

  • At the moment machina owns 4.6 millions portal. For each portal, the server needs to decide whether it levels up or loose energy, then if it levels up it has do decide if it links and where it links.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this led to server lag too, since they aren't even decaying anymore

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    You went nuts! Why do you have so many red portals??? I have not had a single red in the city for more than a week! And this despite the fact that there are active players and so on. Who is unhappy with the game? Give me some red ones, our agents will be happy.


    "Capturing a portal, any portal means that Machina won't do anything with it."

    for a week... unless you keep a key and keep hundreds or thousands of portals charged just so they don't turn red. Seems like a logical thing to do right?

  • holdthebeerholdthebeer ✭✭✭
    edited March 2023

    It depends. The overhead does not have to occur on the main server.

    If machina is a separate server, it can do all calculations separately using its own copy of intel map, make plans for the day, and then only send "capture and link" requests to the main server, one by one. With the current rate of 100K new portals per day, that's roughly one link per second, not a huge overhead for the main server, should not cause lag even with extra check for crossing recent blue/green links.

    As for decay - calculate decay is easier than finding targets for links, "no decay" might be intentional, to grow clusters of red portals and see player activity.

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Knappenberg That looks like a really fun playground!

    Here's a deal: If you pay for my travel one-way and I will show up with an inventory full of X8 and clean that mess up for you. I'll take care of return transportation, accommodations, and any other expenses. It looks like my best travel route would be flying SFO->FRA and then a train to your city.

    OK, I'm mostly joking because I don't expect anyone to fly me to Germany but that does look like a fun project. My Pioneer and Explorer badges aren't going to grow wings on their own and my progress toward triple onyx Purifier has slowed way down.

  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭✭

    @Hosette What we need is crowd funding for red busting services. I just want to know where to sign up with an inventory of whoop-a$$-on-red bursters for "have bursters will travel" assignments. I would be bouncing in my seat can't wait to get there.

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @IcyBlueHeart YES!

    More practically than jetting off to Germany I'd go just about anywhere in California to smash up big steaming piles of red upon request, especially if there were lots of unique caps to be had as well. Buying me a meal or offering me some local swag would be a nice bonus.

  • IcyBlueHeartIcyBlueHeart ✭✭✭✭

    @Hosette Can't come up with a business name, but the slogan "Faster than Visene, we get your red out" comes to mind.

  • I absolutely agree with you. It does feel that way. Destroy the game and turn off the servers.

  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭✭

    Old ad jingle " you can pay a little now ( clear any red on your lines) or pay a lot more later."

    Red clean out should be #1 priority.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    There's long links because they **** the smaller weaker machina portals while the higher level machina portals level up and send out longer links.

  • Absolutely, I understand what you are trying to say, but this is business to my knowledge.

    Ingress Prime Team are losing money, because some players cant take a walk & have fun & play due to frustrating behavior from machina, so players are cancelling their monthly subscription, which I absolutely understand. If I cant play, I wont pay.

    Machina doesnt bring incoming finances to Ingress Prime Team, the players does. Players are paying to have fun & machina doesnt allow that.

    Machina should be restricted to level 1 resonators, maybe 2 or 3. So players who pays to play, can still have fun while taking a walk & playing.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Come to St. Louis. I will happily buy you dinner anywhere locally. 😎

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    This is indeed challenging.

    Impossible? Not really.

    Just chip at it, bit by bit.

    This is no different than the time when our opposition was super active, and for us to gain control back, was to chip at the portals, bit by bit.

    The main nodes should be the first thing to take down, this makes it much easier to see what needs to be done next.

    You'll get there, just have patience

  • Otrera35Otrera35 ✭✭✭✭

    I wouldn't drive all the way to California or to some state just to take down imaginary red lines created by developers.

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