Niantic Supply are selling fully redeemed code and they are not even shamed about it

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I subscribed 13 Ingress Series X packs for my fellow agents last year and we all planned to redeemed the 7 Series X character codes together after getting all the packs. But when we started to redeem the second code, ADA Series X, things got weird: more than 5 out of 13 codes got rejected by the system with the error "Passcode fully redeemed".

I immediately reported the issue to Niantic Supply, hoping they might have idea on what was happening and this should be resolvable by generating new codes and invalidating the old ones. Their reply however shocked me:

Before making this purchase, I was never notified by Niantic that the passcode inside may be invalid, or if there is any issue in the order, I will have a very limited time window to make an argument. I expect at least all 7 series X character codes are good for redeeming so that we can have a continuous row of series X medals in our profile to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ingress.

Now this sounds like a joke to me.

To Niantic, I am asking:

+ You are asking for hundreds of bucks for 7 packs of toy paper cards and little metal pins, isn't it a duty of you to guarantee the little codes on the toy paper cards work as expected and make compensation in a reasonable time window when things go south?

+ Don't you ever consider your player base may consider redeeming all 7 codes at once for a nicer looking profile as a celebration of the anniversary of your proud game?

+ Are you serious about your customer service?

To my fellow Ingress agents:

DO CONSIDER before making any new subscription or any other purchases on Niantic Supply, it may end up way messier than you expected.



  • I am a little curious here.

    Did you buy these Series X cards same date? or in 2 different occasions?

    You paid hundreds of dollars for these?

    Maybe they only last for 1 year?

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    They were part of a 7-part series, $27 per kit (subscription pre-order) or $30 individually. Each part of the series was sent every month (one kit per month, for seven months) . Each one came with a New card, never before seen in Ingress (most were just recolor of past badges but still counted as new) as well as three cards from Ingress past.

    The biocards should never expire. Codes like these that are hard printed usually have no time limit. But there is a Redeem limit of 1 (sometimes 2) so it can only be used once/twice as each card code should be different.

    These are used as prizes in Ingress meetups, trading cards for Agents who might already have that Card in their digital Profile (app) and want to trade the duplicate card for one they don't have.

    Sounds like in this instance someone was able to guess the passcode for the card. Or it is possible the code was printed on multiple cards.

    *Note: I encountered this about a month or so ago. However in my case, some of the cards has NO code at all. I did Email support and they gave me codes for other Icons as the ones they sent me were no longer in circulation/available to redeem. (What?)

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    Ouch that cant be right? was it ever written anywhere on the site it was a timeframe u could report claim? that is bad customer service

  • EthernEthern ✭✭✭

    @theChandi Thank you so much for your advice. Unfortunately neither Ingress support nor Niantic supply support is being helpful at all.

    Niantic supply replied me this link stating the time window of reporting damanged item only last 30 days:

    Ingress support replied me some rubbish:

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    ouch :/

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've been saving them up to hand them out as First Saturday rewards when I can be sure that we can get enough people to attend onsite

  • O kurcze jednak to prawda :/

  • This makes me. Not want to buy anything from them. I have a large stack of character cards that they sent extra with all these packs. I fear trading them for this very reason. Nia needs to do better. Bad enough there is 0 way to validate a code without using it. Weve been asking this for years

  • joecainjoecain ✭✭✭✭✭

    Lol that is insane. I simply cannot believe niantic wouldn't make this right.


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