Why cant I deploy Level 5 resonators. Level 1 works fine?

Been playing today & I came in this situation again where I couldnt deploy level 5 resonator. I hacked the portal & got a level 1 resonator, it worked fine, but not with the level 5 resonator.

It doesnt make sense, I got a level 5 resonator which I cant deploy, but I can deploy a level 1 resonator?

What is the problem here?



  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    U can only deploy max 2 x L5 reso on a portal

  • But I can deploy 8 x level 1 resonators?

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭
  • Alright, so to my understanding Level 1 resonators are more compatible with the portals because I can add 8 x Level 1 resonators, but the higher level resonators has a deploy limitation per portal?

    Why would I want the higher level resonators when the level 1 resonators are easier & more compatible with the portals?

    For me, the level 5 x 20 resonators that I have are useless now.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭
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    It depends on what you want to use that portal for. Lower level portals are easier to keep recharged, but can't link very far, nor do they output higher level gear.

    A portal's level (as determined by the level of resonators deployed on it) determines the level of hacking output wrt resonators, bursters, cubes, xmps and ultrastrikes, and also determines the range at which you can make a link from it.

    A level 1 portal will only give you L1 gear (maybe a bit of L2). And only has an unmodified range of 160m.

    A level 8 portal will give you L8 gear and has an unmodified range of 655.36km.

    There is certainly a use-case for deploying low. Generally, when agents travel to remote places, they may deploy a portal as a L1 portal and hack keys. This portal will be easier to maintain than other higher level portals, and will likely only receive links. A portal can receive any number of links, regardless of its own level.

    Recharge range and efficiency is determined by your own level. The higher level you are, the further away you can be to recharge a portal. But also, the further away a portal is from you, the less efficient your recharges are.

    A L16 player can recharge a portal up to 4000km away, but only at 50% efficiency.

  • If you just want to deploy for AP and Builder badge then L1s are the easiest to do that with. They require less xm to deploy and you can always hack for more from the same portals.

  • I walk & play, so all the resonators that offers links more then 2 km is irrelevant to me.

    I understand your explanation, but it doesnt change the fact that my level 5 resonators x 20 are useless now.

    I need the Level 1 resonators to complete that portal. The level 1 resonators are more compatible with the portals then these level 5 resonators.

    If I understood it right, it should work with 4 x level 2 resonators since there are 4 open slots.

    What could go wrong if the had 8 x 5 level resonators installed?

  • As I said, it depends on what you want to achieve. As you only play locally on foot and would make short links you won't need higher level resonators, so you can recycle those, or deploy them when there are open slots.

    And yes, you can complete the portal with 4x R2s. As others said, this is the default number of resos a single agent can deploy:









    Nothing can go wrong with a deploy of 55555555, but you'll need 3 other agents to deploy the remaining R5s. The point of this is to encourage team play. Players of the same faction upgrading each others portals for higher level output and/or link range. Also to deploy 2 more mods on a portal you'd need a fellow agent.

  • Lets say I deploy 1 x level 8 resonator on Portal A.

    Can other agents also deploy 1 x level 8 resonator on this Portal A?

    Same time or right after.

  • The portal itself isn't limited to the number of resos of a specific level. It can have any combination of L1 - 8 resos on it.

    The deploy restriction is per agent.

    So yes, two agents deploying at the same time can each place 1x R8. Or, the first agent can fully deploy and the second agent (and other agents after that) can choose to upgrade a lower level resonator to a higher level one.

  • Lets say...

    We got 8 Agents & all Agents deploys 1 x level 8 resonator on this Portal A.

    We got this Portal A with 8 x level 8 resonators.

    What are the benefits/reward/what options or possibilities does it give the team with a Portal that has 8 x level 8 resonators?

    I mean, their is no way I´m gonna travel travel 655 too 4000 km to link & create fields.

    My radius will stay nearby...maybe 5 km.

  • You yourself (and the other local agents) would benefit from getting L8 gear. Resonators, bursters, cubes, xmps and ultrastrikes.

    It will also be a bit harder to take down by the enemy.

    And a team **** may find the increased link range useful for keys they may have.

  • Thank you for the great information, but I might need a little bit more information.

    I just came back from a walk.

    Yesterday I captured many portals nearby, but few portals were incompleted. I went to the same area in hope to complete the deployment, links & fields. It wasnt easy this time & it kind of got complicated & annoying. Many of these portals has randomly resonators between level 1 to 7. None of these portals had 8 x level 1 resonators.

    I had these few randomly resonators, but I want level 1 resonators because they are easier to use & more compatible with the portals. I walked & hacked the same portals as I did yesterday & I was keep getting everything else but level 1 resonators.

    I felt like I was kind of locked out from my own network. I finally manage to solve it by upgrading and walking a lot, but it was very VERY annoying, it wasnt funny to play today.

    How can I downgrade or remove these installed high level resonators?

    They causes more frustration, then completion.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Oops, I made a typo,

    Supposed to say 2 R5s and 2 R6s

    1 R7 and 1 R8

    Unless we get an event to add more

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    You cannot downgrade.

    Best bet, an enemy agent destroys it, or, use a virus to flip it and destroy yourself.

    Generally, you want portals at high level. Harder to ****, better gear output etc.

    Try and keep an array of resonator levels so you can fully deploy as you desire.

    Also, learn to glyph hack.

  • The portal level determines the hack output. You won't get L1 stock from L5 portals.

    Generally you'll get a selection of items the same level as the portal, and 1 or 2 items one level higher or lower as well.

    Pay attention to the level of the portal and your hack output and you'll see.

    Have you started glyph hacking?

  • Thank you for the information. Some of my answers might be more directed towards Ingress Prime Team, so dont take anything directly as I answered some of your questions the way I did.

    This is getting more irritating & annoying then fun. I am really really starting to dislike this game.

    Their is no way that these resonator limitation offers teamplay. I dont believe that 7 other agents would come and deploy the rest 7 x level 8 resonators as an example or fill up the rest to complete the fields. Maybe downtown, but not where I live.

    If I could add the same level resonators without any limitation & get the field up running, so other agents in other areas could link with my field/network. Thats teamwork according to me.

    So this resonator limitation doesnt make sense to me. It stops the teamwork.

    "I cant downgrade" 

    I can upgrade, but not downgrade. In the situation I was in, I couldnt complete my portal. Downgrade is a must feature.

    "Best bet, an enemy agent destroys it, or, use a virus to flip it and destroy yourself" 

    I dont want my enemy near me, we are enemies. :P but I understand what you are saying.

    I have to go through all that trouble to fix a portal. Virus & attack? I will skip it & move on to the next one, next time.

    "The portal level determines the hack output. You won't get L1 stock from L5 portals."

    Exactly, the way it got solved, I was lucky to get level 4 resonators so I could make some deployments/upgrades, but you dont get level 4 resonators when you need them. After a lot of walking, I got a gooooood night sleep afterwards. :)

    "Try and keep an array of resonator levels so you can fully deploy as you desire."

    I only want level 1 resonators, they are more compatible with the portals, the rest is incompatible with the portals due to there limitation of use per agent / per portal & it is annoying me.

    "Have you started glyph hacking?"

    I have, but I dont use it that offen.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Cool trick, if all you have are level 1 resos all you can create is lvl1 portals - suggest finding lots of natural portals hack them, remember to recycle any resonators over lvl 1 you will never have annoying large portals again... /p

  • It's worth reaching out to local players. You may be surprised what they will do for you.

    In addition to KarM3L's suggestion you can also part deploy a portal and hack to get resonators at the level you want. I frequently do this when I'm low on a particular level resonator (usually 4's)

    Also others have suggested learn to glyph hack, you get more items for each successful hack. It will seem like a foreign language at first and may be frustrating when you get one wrong but over time you will learn the sequences.

  • Forget about reaching out for local players, I tried. They are probably helpful, but they want me to join some other app, which I denied. So forget about reaching out for local players.

    I understand what you are trying to say & not much is happening in my area. Maybe couple of times per month... just maybe, otherwise the portals turns neutral.

    About this glyph hack, it kind of like it, but I am a little lazy with that, I just hack portals.

    I dont complain about having too few items, I do complain about the high level incompatibility. It should be the opposite.

    Level 1 resonators should be limited 1 use per portal

    Level 2....

    & so on to...Level 8 resonators.

    Level 8 resonators should not have any limitation. If you got 8 x level 8 resonators, you should be able to deploy 8 x level 8 resonators per portal. You are getting freedom & power as you are leveling up & showing your loyalty to your team by growing stronger & you would be able to produce more Mind Units which is the main goal.

    I got stuck & got irritating & all I needed was some low level resonators because they are more compatible with the portals. I have no reason to level up nor do I need medals/badges & I got verified that I need to convert my level 8 resonators to level 1 resonators because level 1 resonators are more compatible with the portals, then what level 8 resonators are.

    The limitation implemented in this game, doesnt make sense to me, I have to go backwards to get more compatible resonators.

  • Limiting lower resonator deployments on portals will prevent new players from fully deploying a portal in order to link and create fields. You cannot deploy a resonator of a level above your current player level, meaning L3 players can't deploy L4+ resos. Or use L4+ bursters, xmps or ultrastrikes.

    You realise that that restriction would then frustrate you as well, as you would need higher level resos to fully deploy a portal and won't be able to fully deploy a portal using just L1 resos.

    You may choose to play on your own, but this game is geared towards teamplay. And the deploy restrictions tie into that. Teamplay is necessary to build higher level portals so everyone can benefit from higher level output. Teams are necessary to build larger fields as that requires longer link range, and there may be agents needed to clear a path for the links.

    It may not fit your playing style but that's what it is. There will never be a one size fits all configuration here. What we have currently is one-size-fits-most. And that's fine. It works.

    I assume your locals probably asked you to reach out on Telegram? Up to you if you don't want to install and use it, but it is a bit more practical than using in-game comms. In-game comms are not secure. Alternatively, you could try reaching out in Campfire, but not sure if that's fully enabled for the Ingress player base yet.

  • Just focus on resonators restriction, I havent got into attack yet seriously, I dont know much about these xmps....and so on...

    I understand that level 3 player cant use a level 4 resonators & that I absolutely agree & find it logical the restriction on that level.

    Why their is restriction on higher level resonators per agent per portal, doesnt make sense to me. All agents should be able to deploy as many x times x resonators respective level.

    By denying other agents to be able to deploy 8 x level 8 resonators, sounds more like stopping the agent to reach the main goal which is Mind Units. Primary goal is Mind Units.

    I however will play my way, I will only use level 1 resonators as much as possible. They are more compatible, easier to deploy without any restriction & all are welcome to upgrade the resonators & link to my field/network.

  • Absolutely. Fire it up. :P

    I just found a way to play by using level 1 resonators which is more compatible.

    I need many level 1 resonators so I have to downgrade from level 8 resonators to level 1 resonators.

    Their are some things I want to change to suit new beginners & me, absolutely, I dont deny that.

    This level restriction has nothing to do with me in that case....I want you to forget about that annoying case I mention. It will be solve with level 1 resonators. That is solved.

    I find it unfair towards other agents who keeps driving & spending money on gas to get from one location to the other location & they can only deploy 1 x level 8 resonators. That´s unfair against customers who pays to play + gas money.

  • What you deem as unfair wrt higher level reso restrictions is actually intended to get players to come together to upgrade each others portals. It drives teamwork. Working together to upgrade portals means they also benefit from those upgrades. It would also have the added value of more players defending those portals from attacks if they want to retain the benefit of a higher level portal. It also drives recruitment to a degree.

  • Well that is what I find unfair, they all have to travel & spend money on gas to upgrade 1 resonator each. Atleast customers who pays to play should get that freedom, while I who play for free has to accept the restriction.

    I am not trying to have a power struggle with anyone, I am just telling what I find unfair, you & Ingress Prime Team can either agree or disagree. I respect yours & Ingress Prime Team´s final decision.

    My problem for now in this case as a free to play player, has been solved with level 1 resonators. I just have to test it one day. :)

    I do however support working together to take down the enemy portals, that I dont deny.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Don't :) I usually have 1-2 mid strengths, with food and wait time.

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