Framerate gradually gets worse by attacking enemy portals

Steps to reproduce:

Perform attacks on enemy portals (XMPs and Ultra Strikes) which register damage of 1% or higher on resonators. Eventually, the scanner's framerate will slowly begin to degrade. This gets gradually worse as more attacks are performed over time, and never goes away on its own.

The issue manifests more quickly if I'm attacking several resonators in dense areas. I personally notice the framerate start to degrade after destroying 50 total resonators, and it gets worse from there.

Attacks which do not display damage numbers on the screen (i.e. weak XMP attacks, or using an Ultra Strike to destroy a mod) don't seem to cause this issue to occur.

The issue is temporarily fixed if I restart the scanner.

The "Native Refresh Rate" option has no effect whatsoever on this issue. The issue has been present since long before that was an option.

Device info:

Samsung Galaxy S9

Android 10

Ingress version 2.109.3

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  • Can confirm this same behavior since always with ingress prime.

    In multiple Android versions and different mobile phones.

    Current in Moto G100, Android 12.

  • DizzyBumDizzyBum ✭✭
    edited August 2023

    Behavior is still present as of the latest version (2.123.1). I upgraded to a newer device (Pixel 7, Android 13) and it's still happening.

  • I can confirm this bug. Bug is there since the inception of Ingress Prime. If you play in a high contested area it just takes about 30 minutes to feel a real difference. Of course restarting the app helps.

    Please try to fix this bug. The current flagship phones shouldn't have ANY problems to run Ingress smoothly regardless of the situation.

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    The problem sounds easier.UNITY.

    Great engine for newbie build. I had project with porting Redacted to Google glass with Unity,btw.

    But this is not good engine for great game. Noone will optimise easy-builded app containing assets for iphone on android and vice versa. Who cares,buy new device or forget. So the way is restart app or don't care at all.

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