Player caught using two accounts and assaulting another player.

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Recently I caught a cheater red handed. He was caught playing a second account for the other team. I called him out on it from across the street. He charged across the street, as I was taking his photo. He said I was harassing him, that it was illegal to take his photo (which it is not in a public place), and I was getting in the way of his plans.

That is rich considering he was following me taking out all my links with his second account (our mains are on the same team). I told him, one player one account, and held my phone up before putting in my pocket. He then assaulted me with a shoulder check, and proceeded to grab at my pocket trying to get my phone. I had to put a straight arm out to ward off his continued lunges at me.

He then starts yelling at people on the street (my neighbours) that I was harassing HIM!

Completely un hinged. I knew he was a cheater, and this is not his only multi-account, however I never thought he'd get physical.

At any rate, I reported him. I received a confirmation of the report, but couldn't read it and had to close the window because I was in the middle of something. Now I can't find the confirmation to see if there was any instructions. Also I have more screenshots and info I would like to add.

Anyone know how I can find my report to edit?

Thank you.

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