[Discussion] Increase Power Of Lower Level XMPs

BreenzyBreenzy ✭✭✭✭

This was briefly discussed on the IUENG Telegram chat, but I thought bringing it here could generate some good ideas as well.

As we all know low level XMPs are entirely useless (no, annoying someone with notifications with L1 XMPs is not a valid use), not even new players use them until they get to level 4+.

I thought that increasing the power of everything below level 8, damage only, not range, could help in several ways:

~ New players can actually do something instead of feeling useless. That new and keen level 4 player could feasibly go take down that big field covering the city

~ No longer need to recycle them, even level 8+ players can **** them off and be useful instead of giving portals a light tickle

~ Help solo players who depended on Qcaps for gear actually be more effective

~ Encourage smaller groups to meet up to farm instead of being fully reliant on 8 people at once. Being 1 person short due to a last minute emergency always sucked, and the power difference between 7 and 8 always hurt

I came up with some values which I think strike the balance of not being super crazy buffs, not useless, and still maintain a modest power lead of L8 XMPs:

And heres the important numbers and comparisons:

Interested to hear peoples thoughts.



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