Kinetic Capsule could not be started.

After activating the Kinetic Capsule and completing the 8km run, pressing the collection button on the capsule freezes it.

In addition, other Kinetic Capsules were also displayed as "Scanner connection error (1)" and could not be started.

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  • Can you post the Capsule ID so that @NianticVK can pass it along to support.

  • same, one common freezes on empty and i have another common (?) that gets scanner error 1. they both have the same hash:

  • On a different note, I do not understand why replace Quantum capsules with less useful Kinetic capsules. Niantic should get their acts right before these replacements. The time time since inception when there is no portal key generator!

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Its because running quantums according to brian was not a cheap process and they want agents to use kinetics which require movement and not getting passive rewards for all those backpack accounts so its good they are gone.

    Want keys or gear? go hack the portals dont rely on passive while u sleep generating gear its against niantics motto "go out and play"

  • I do have the same problems. I have two kinetics with the same Code. The regular Ines are completed but I can‘t empty them. I also can‘t start new ones.

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