Simultaneous use of multiple devices

This was an old G+ screenshot I found from 'the archives' which hilighted a rule declared long ago, and at least once repeated by Andrew Krug in an AMA.

@NianticBrian @NianticThia @NianticVK since all the G+ instances of this have been lost to the sands of time, is it possible to get someone to reconfirm the accuracy of this in a way that can be referenced (e.g. reply with "This is still true" or similar on this thread)?

One of the biggest problems with Niantic's rules is the vagueness of various aspects, and it would help to have concrete statements to point to.



  • tp235tp235 ✭✭✭✭

    Regarding this, it might be a good idea to build a system where when you log into Ingress from one of the smartphones, Ingress on the other smartphone automatically logs you out.

    I use this system in other location-based games ( Resource Games I know of).

  • This is the list of "specifics":


    Niantic prohibits cheating, and we constantly take steps to improve our anti-cheat measures. Cheating includes any action that attempts to or actually alters or interferes with the normal behavior or rules of a Service. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, any of the following behavior, on your own behalf or on behalf of others:

    • Accessing Services in an unauthorized manner (including using modified or unofficial third party software);
    • Playing with multiple accounts for the same Service;
    • Sharing accounts;
    • Using any techniques to alter or falsify a device’s location (for example through GPS spoofing); and/or
    • Selling or trading accounts.

    Apps may not work on devices that Niantic detects or reasonably suspects to be cheating, and Niantic will not provide support to players who attempt to cheat. You agree that Niantic may employ any lawful mechanisms to detect and respond to cheating, fraud, and other behavior prohibited under these Terms, including checking your device for the existence of exploits or hacking and/or unauthorized software. Please see the Guidelines and our Privacy Policy for more information.


    Unfortunately, methods of cheating are limited only by cheaters’ imaginations, and include the following:

    • Using modified or unofficial software.
    • Using multiple or shared accounts to circumvent gameplay.
    • Using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location (“spoofing”).
    • Intentionally exploiting a bug to gain reward.
    • Manipulating matchmaking, outcomes, rankings, or any other element of competitive gameplay systems.
    • Abusing the refund policy.
    • Buying/selling/trading accounts, in-game currency, or items on third-party platforms or any other activity that is in violation of Niantic’s Terms of Service, available here:

    These guidelines were developed with consideration to human rights principles. We aim to support freedom of expression, diversity, privacy, transparency and due process.

    neither of which cover the point.

    If it's not a restriction any more, someone needs to clarify that.

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    There are perfectly legitimate reasons to be logged in on multiple devices. I often do it when I am going to a low signal area-- I have two phones on different networks and will use whichever device is able to get signal. Ingress startup is data-intensive and may well be impossible in situations where you can only get the vaguest whiff of signal.

    I'll go a step further. Let's say that I'm out in the middle of nowhere in order to take down a field or link. In that case it's actually reasonable for me to attempt to deploy a flipcard with both devices, since only one of them can possibly succeed. If both devices manage to get signal then the second one will just get whatever the error message is when you try to flip a portal and it's already that color. The end result is a maximum of one action, the same as if I was only using one device.

    I grok the desire to keep someone from recharge-defending on multiple devices, or smashing with one and cubing with another, but not all multiple-device use is inherently negative for the game.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    I had two for low signal portals.

    My main device I use day to day and a 'low signal' phone.

    The only difference was the 'low signal' phone had NOTHING on it other than Ingress, no Telegram etc.

    That way you don't suffer when someone sends a 4MB GIF whilst trying to deploy on 1 bar of a signal whiff.

    I always try and logout of the primary first though.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well, actually they do with regard to your OP.

    I didn't provide any additional details in my previous post, as it was pretty self explanatory

  • I've been on missions where I have no coverage, but my spouse does. (Or vice versa.) We both signed out, then the one without any coverage signed onto the phone with a wiff of coverage, to get the hack, and sign back out again. Then we both signed back on to our own phones. That one hack didn't change any game balance. We both already had onyx Spec Ops. We were just out exploring.

  • I have 2 Android phones. One expensive business phone. I only play Ingress on this one to recharge & drone hack. When I go out & play, I use a cheap phone with a data only SIMcard, my expensive business device stays in my pocket, I don’t want to damage it playing Ingress, because mostly I play Ingress with my phone mounted on my bike.

    I have adventure sync on, meaning that Ingress has access to my location even when I am not playing. I force stop Ingress when I switch devices. I think that having Ingress running on 2 devices simultaneously (even in the background) could be considered as cheating when adventure sync is active.

    One day I was playing outside & noticed I forgot my other phone @ home. When I got back home, I noticed that I forgot to force stop Ingress. Because this device is Android 13, I could see that Ingress had access to my location while playing elsewhere with my other device. Fortunately, this did not result in a ban.

  • People have missed the word "Simultaneous" yet again.

    I have multiple devices. We all have multiple devices. But you cannot be hitting buttons on two devices at the same time.

    Being logged in on two places is fine. You don't need to force stop the other phone.

    You need to not be sending commands for the same account on both devices at the same time.

  • Where? There's no specific mention of multiple devices or simultaneous sources. It's not "self explanatory" if it doesn't exist in the text. It might be "implied" to you or I, but the entire point is for the numpties who don't accept the implication and reply with "Nothing says I can't."

    I'd like something specific to be able to point at and say "Yes, right here".

  • Honestly, Niantic actually voicing this explicitly would save them development time in this situation. A statement is far easier and has less overhead, and would solve many of the "I didn't intend to cheat" problems.

  • I think login to two separate devices would mean to manipulating the system to gain bonus, you are using the game into letting you use two cubes or two bursters at the same time. This is a problem for us where I live since I am positive sure it happens since one of the agent in the other factions range is to vast.

  • edited January 2023

    "Log in" and "simultaneous use" are completely separate statements, please don't confuse the two. But yes, simultaneous use is commonly misused. (Note: "manipulating the system" is not a listed cheating element. Only 'manipulating competitive gameplay systems'.)

    The 'classic example' was an Agent in an aircraft with 8 phones on a board. When passing over a portal, they had different slots selected on each phone and deployed 8 resonators instantly. This was ruled cheating by Niantic back in 2013.

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Perringaiden Who was the agent? If you're talking about the situation I'm thinking of then you're grossly misrepresenting the situation, though it's possible that there's another one that I'm unaware of.

    Let me flip the question around, though. What's the difference between deploying the resonators on one pass or making eight passes to do it?

  • tp235tp235 ✭✭✭✭

    I don't know because I have never done this action in Ingress.

    However, if you launch separate scanners and play gym battles simultaneously in Pokémon GO, the scanners are forced to sync.

    I don't think it is possible to do this now because the bug that used to exist in GBL where if you started up two scanners and played GBL at the same time, the special move gauge would fill up faster is gone.

    (I was hardly playing Pokémon Go at that time, so my memory may not be accurate.)

    In the case of Ingress, the problem of concern with simultaneous launch would be if the location information is different.

    I think it is necessary to announce this.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can set TG to not download any media unless on wifi.

  • Must ask, was he alone with the eight phones or was i eight agents on the plane? 🥲

  • In that old case, one Agent as pilot, the other Agent with 8 phones on a board.

  • Haha hello here also 😂

    oh he didnt put in r8 in all the slots, he just put on one reso per phone? To avoid speedlock? 🤯 clever but obviously not legit.

  • You can't put R8s in every slot. The system won't allow it. But yes, pre-planned first phone deploying an R8 in the north slot, second phone deploying an R7 in North East, the third phone deploying an R6 in East, etc. Then just "tap-tap-tap" along the line when in range for a few seconds.

  • Well I understand why they didnt approve of it. I thought it was a multiaccer or that preplan resoplace was not legit. Was confused there for a moment. Im not sure what to say if u only using another phone to get connection at some portals. Its greyscale for me. Would not do it myself, since I rather use one phone, and make sure it has connection, but my phone has a good average connection where I play, so havent been thinking much about it. But if ever changing number, I would make sure to have a company start the number first, and later import that to me, since businessnumbers in sweden always are prio1 when busy network..

  • Using another phone as a Wifi hotspot is explicitly acceptable. Because Ingress makes no claims on how you get your Internet signal. Just don't try to send Ingress commands on that device at the same time as another.

  • what's with 2 Ingress sessions on the same phone? I guess that's how they stack burster in most cases.

    I am also wondering: is it worth to report it? For burster stack on distinct portals it may be tricky to detect, but I also observed mass destruction in clustered areas. It shouldn't be a bug deal to compare player inventory at time x with inventory time y. If more bursters are gone than logically possible with constant fire on 1 acc... ban.

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