Gameplay Suggestion: Artillery

Hi everyone,

I really like the game and I have played it for a long time. It does however feels like it is dying. There is less and less to do if you are not able to travel big distances. Plus driving a car for long distances just to play game is not very ecofriendly.

Red portals are not really cutting it too.

I am not sure if Devs are reading forums or if there is really any capacity to do any futher game play development.

I have an idea that could potentially make game quite a lot more interesting. I thought if he had some sort of artillery/launcher module for portal, it could spice things up.

Let's say, the module could launch bursters and maybe Ultra strikes. You can either launch 1 item imediatelly or keep adding (with a cooldown of some sorts) bursters and then launch all at once. You could even have a module to extend load capacity of the artilery. The portal with loaded burster would light up on a map to indicate that it is being used as artillery, so counter strike could be done.

Upon destruction, loaded portal could even damage near by friendly portals. Maybe chai reaction would not be as demanding on the server.

Shooting distance would be dictated by portal level and link boosters minus some percentage penalty for artillery range.

As for defence, maybe there could be another module to **** down incoming projectiles. Maybe it could use XMP or bursters as antiair ammo.

This would give people something to do. Ingress could be once a gain a reason to go for a walk.

I am sure someone would polish the idea up.

What do you think?



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    Sounds like a lazy aspect to the game.

    Drive, walk, run, roller skate, scooter, train, tram, subway, bus, crawl, wheelchair, ect to the portal. Blow it up. Capture it, rinse and repeat. Make triangles if you are so inclined (3 links, triangle!) Not a hard concept.

    Also looks like via a quick profile view the OP themselves haven't actually been playing that long. 1 maybe 2 years. No anomaly badges, not even the play from home ones. Only Level 9. One mission (its a Pokemon Go mission (which might answer some questions)). Has only participated in one challenge/event. No Second Sunday badge, no IFS Badge. Maybe you need to get out and enjoy the game a bit more before asking for changes?

  • The thing is, some of us have a bit of life commitments :D You know, work, kids and so on :)

    I know not everyone will like the idea. But for example, our city is pritty much dominated by our faction. And in my part of city there are not many agents at all. I can cap the portals and never be challenged.

    The suggestion is to add a bit more variaty. Taking out portal while being at the target portal will always be easiest. But having an ability at least to threaten a distant portal would be interesting. Artillery could be easily counteracted. A well defended portal would be difficult if not impossible to take out by solo. Just think of someone going to one portal and launching, then walking to another and launching again.

    If it is LVL8 portal with shields, no chance to take it out quickly. Plenty of time to log in and do a recharge.

    And I did delete my account some years ago, as it was too adictive and was driving some dangerous behaviour. I did play when Ingress intially launched. And yes, I did try Pokemon Go, but eventually switched back to Ingress as it is way more interesting.

    In any case, not everyone is able to do the same miles as some hardcore players. But the game can benefit many more. At the moment I see game going in a downward spiral. I know it is extremely unlikely it will change, so it will slowly die. Maybe this is how it is supposed to be.

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    I kinda like artillery idea. My idea would be this. 100 ultrastrikes any level, however, the average of the ultras is the level of the artillery, round down. Its range is (2x level) km. You get to remove 1 reso of your choice up to the level of the artillery. Or 10 ada/Jarvis is auto level 8 artillery. This would help permagriefed and underdog people. Of which there are so so many.......

    Ps-Intel board would also tell you who and how artillery was used and from nearest portal shot from. Ya know, to track backpackers and overabusers cuz they have backpacks. Lol

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    By the way, hire a construction team is the same as artillery but with resos, and except you can only make level 4 reso max, regardless of higher lvl of construction team. Both plans can only be used once an hour

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    The thing is, some of us have a bit of life commitments :D You know, work, kids and so on :)

    "Allow me to play from the couch."

    The whole point of the game is to move, explore, get active, leave the house. If you're too busy to do that, you can put the game down when you don't have the time. This is not a job, this is not a requirement, it's not even a need. There are also thousands (if not almost all) other games out there that can be played from the couch, and encourage it.

    If your family takes up more time, give them that time. If you need time away from your family, play some Ingress.

    It's amazing how many people want to change the game to suit their inabilty to play the game, in ways that damage the game for everyone else.

  • Gotta admit, as an ambassador, you're not very good. You just totally trash talked an older long time player who used to be obsessed about the game and wants to come back as a casual player, when you were trying to defend players exactly like him in another thread. Lol. I am amused

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    I'm glad you're amused.

    But what you should pay more attention to is the point of the statement. This isn't "trash talking". It's disagreement because your idea fundamentally destroys the unique element of Ingress.

    It's one of the few existing games that require you to go to a real-world location to interact with the game. Location matters. You can't sit on the couch and play like you can with Clash of Clans or Candy Crush. The greatest ability in the game is to go somewhere others don't or won't. Travel is a force multiplier, and activity is king.

    So yeah, when you propose ideas the fundamentally break the ethos of the game, you're going to get a lot of opposition whether you've been playing for 10 years or 1 year.

    The problem is not how long you've been playing, or who's responding to you. The idea is just bad for the game.

    There are thousands of other games out there that would satisfy the same amount of time occupation, without needing you to leave the house etc. And they are a viable option for people who don't have the kind of time investment that Ingress asks for at it's 'more active levels'.

    Ingress could be once a gain a reason to go for a walk.

    If this isn't already true, I'd question how you wish to interact with the game.

  • You did missunderstand what I am trying to suggest. I am all for the go outside and do a bit of walking bit. I am not proposing another drone bit, that you can just do from your home.

    You would still need to go and iteract with the portal for anything that needs to be done.

    The thing is, there are many people that will be unable to travel as far as really dedicated one can. But they could have a role too.

    If someone lives in a small town/city that has pretty much no active players, there will be not much to do. After all, in most cases the game is most fun when you can interact with other players, be it directly or indirectly.

    If someone installs the game and surrounding areas are dead, what do you think will happen?

    If people can do more stuff without traveling for hours, then they may stay. And that may again ignite local gameplay, because guess what, more players, more competition. Some may even choose to attend big events!

    I used to be able to spend time and travel abit, throw some large fields. And it is nice that someone is still able to do that.

    But please try to get into others shoes a bit.

    Is it just me, or is the game pop getting lower (maybe there are some active pockets)? Well that is not good for the game too. We can stay purists, but you may end up with dead game. And that would be shame, as it is a nice game.

    Anyway, I was not holding high hopes when posting, as I suspect the game is really on a life support, with do as little as possible and try squeeze last bits of money where possible.

  • The game is actually fine and indeed wonderful. It's the player base that are on life support. There aren't enough new players to replace aging players and those players are aging hard.

  • I think OP has a point that players with limited travel ability should still be able to have fun. Though it is hard to find the balancing point.

    Niantic sees this way too. That is why they introduced links under fields.

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Sorty for little offtopic: For me that sounds like not using xmp as xmp - but using xmp as a show to throw xs

    Ingress meant to play somewhere near PoI. So I don't like any artillery/attack drone/focused wave etc etc, although there is a space to dream about diffirent mechanics.

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    Your plan reduces activity, because it provides an automated defence that reduces the amount that players would have to "still need to go and iteract with the portal". If the only driver for that is "anything [else] that needs to be done." you've reduced the activity without any corresponding driver to increase activity in some other way.

    There are thousands of engaging games that can be played by people with limited movement or time. We don't need to lobby to reduce the primary unique feature of the game.


    That is why they introduced links under fields.

    That's something of a misrepresented argument, but taking it at face value, the difference there is linking under fields reduces the "overhead" of being able to play, instead of reducing the actual play. If the overhead field didn't exist, the player would still be going out and playing normally in their given area. They wouldn't be setting up automated gameplay then going home.

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    @Perringaiden Again, I am not talking about any automation :)

    Look, I understand how you feel. It would be quite a big change. Anyone that loves the game and has plenty of time/resources/freedom would not see a need for a change because they can do everything. People were crying when the interface has changed and that is just cosmetics :D Now if the gameplay would change, people would really start throwing their toys :D

    To be real, even if everyone would want this implemented, it is unlikely it would happen. Nothing really major in terms of gameplay happened for ages, although some may see a new beacon or other cosmetical changes as a big deal.

    Maybe it is even not worth touching Ingress. Let it be as is and let it fade away. Ingress app has only 3.6 stars in the shop. Dwindling pop. Stale game play (I am being a bit critical). Just think from business perspective, it just does not make sense to invest any effort. Just milk leftover comunity as much as possible and when done, switch off servers.

    Maybe the solution is to clone Ingress and do a complete rework and end up with a new game. The hard bit is done. Database and engine is there. However, again, this forum will not be the place where these sort of things will be decided.

    Anyway, thank you for being so engaged in conversation. Happy gaming!

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    What a weird post. How about stating why it's a bad idea without attacking the person? It shouldn't matter what their stats are.

    Do you honestly do this for every topic?

  • Maybe the solution is to clone Ingress and do a complete rework and end up with a new game. The hard bit is done. Database and engine is there. However, again, this forum will not be the place where these sort of things will be decided.

    The only "good" aspect of Ingress dying, is that at some point in the future, someone may be able to resurrect the concept using Lightship without copyright violations from Niantic.

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    To be fair, it is workable and could still require moving to do it. You could have it that the range is inly half the level of the portal. So a solo player will max get 2.5km, so it's not like being lazy would make it worthwhile, even the max, 4km, wouldn't be a lot of distance. Like that's still not even close to most pitas up mountains or on islands. But, it would mean it could be used against portals behind locked areas

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