NIANTIC: Quantum Transition SUMMARY

To help Niantic find all the good ideas from this community - I collected this quick list of ways for parity and challenge, not annoyance and anger.  (Any ideas not on here, I can add for 24 hours after original post.)

1) Keep qcap capsules' custom names when converting them to regular caps! Our inventory should sort the way as we set it up.  Be super careful to not delete items in a Qcap!!

  • IOW: don't add to the frustration by dropping our label decisions, and jumbling or reducing our inventory!

2) Allow more key lockers. See

3) Fix Kinetic Capsule bugs. See

4) How about a Very Rare Kinetic Capsule? Maybe a Common KC could only reproduce common items, Rare could do Common OR Rare, and Very Rare could do everything. Formulas could be something like:

  • 12 Common items => 15 of that item (+1 for qcap parity, +1 for walking 8k, +1 for not having access to the items while cooking)
  • 24 Rare items => 27 of that item (same +1's as common)
  • 36 Very Rare items => 39 of that item (same +1's as common)

5) 4) Keys could be changed their own category (not Common). They'd still be reproducable, but maybe agents would have to work hard, or work together, to get enough to run the program.

6) Add Kinetic programs ASAP, before more people quit without knowing what's planned. See

7) Quantum capsules' last loadout should be a BIG one. Maybe all replication could be increased a bit, until then - see

8) How about CMU so we can buy ingredients for a kcap? (Long shot, lol)

9) How about a one-time non-tiered badge for having qcaps when they ended? There's already a picture - the quantum capsule image. Text: "I remember Q-caps" and the number of qcaps you had, when they went kaput. It'll be a historic thing on our profiles.



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