Quantum capsule counts 81 items, but is empty

My 9FFF5C93 quantum capsule counts 81 items, but has no items in it. (screenshots included)

Maybe it still counts key's from deleted portals or has an other problem.

Last portal delete of a portal i had a lot of key's stored of in quantum was monts ago. So i don't think thats the case here.

I think i can solve my problem by deleting the 9FFF5C93 capsule...

But that's trowing away a quantum and why would i do that.

Maybe there is an other solution and you can help me with it.

Android user. Problem is here also after reboot / fresh login etc.

It is not good to have a higher itemcount by this problem.

If more info is required please contact me.

Hope my Englisch was good enough.

Greetings and all the best for the new year.


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    Have you tried removing the name?

    Also, make sure you clear the app's storage (cache and data), to ensure it's not a consistency error.

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