The experience you don't want to live in Ingress, UNJUSTIFIED TEMPORARY BAN.

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Dear Niantic and dear Ingress agents,

I'm writing this post in name of ReplicantDrake, an resistance agent, who has been banned and he's not able to write this for himself because he can't log in the forum.

So, you have him letter here:

Dear Niantic,

I'm ReplicantDrake in Ingress game. I'm writing these words because It's unfair what's Niantic done to me.

Let me introduce myself. I started playing Ingress since 2018/earlies 2019. I discovered the amazing world behind Ingress very soon. Firstly, going to Amsterdam for Abaddon Anomaly, following next events like MD in Glasgow, Goruck events, Hexatlon in Oporto or Superposition Anomaly in Munich, travelling to these beautiful cities. The last one, I assisted to Yokohama for Ephiphany Anomaly and I made my first Urban Goruck or my third Operation Clear Field, meeting fantastic people during these events. I consider myself a good player, taking seriously the game. I love designing big fields and operation with other agents. Moreover, I pay religiously the C.O.R.E. fare.

Secondly, I want to apologize for the inconvenient, because I suppose a lot of people write to you explain their problems, but I do feel this act needs to be heard.

I'm on Christmas holidays doing a big OP in the North of Africa (with others resistance agents) when I was banned.

According to Niantic for harassment on the field!!!

Just a few hours of break a strategic enlightened link, and we didn't meet with any agent.

The portal in question is this:

Although the portal is inside a restricted area/private area more concretely inside a MILITAR AREA, whence the portal would be delete. According to the Spanish legislation (Ley 9 / 1968 de 5 de abril, de Secretos Oficiales for instance.)

After lots of emails, trying to discover the real reason of my ban. Finally, they send me this email.

I would like to contribute with my evidences.

Under these lines I attached our boat tickets from Almeria to Melilla.

And these are the geolocated pictures from SeveruShei and me, ReplicantDrake who destroyed the enlightened portal.

The last image up these lines, you can see the enlarged map showing that the picture was taken close to the portal. The black X represents the accurated ubication of "Fuerte de Cabrerizas Altas" Portal.

And more pictures:

I hope all these evidences serve to prove my innocence, and finally Niantic decide to unban me.

But if you need any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Best regards,


@NianticBrian @NianticOfficial @NianticThia @NianticPooja

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    I'm happy to bring up your history if you want to go down that road, do feel free to post my comms in full context and defend your side of it to people here.

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  • Sometimes I wonder if it’s humans who process ban at Niantic or if it’s just bots.

    Don’t put money in this game anymore.

    Niantic still doesn’t ban players playing on old android phones with fake gps.

    i wonder too if Niantic has a team preference :

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