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We're also focusing on new players in this update, focusing on a task-based system that allows new players to level up easily and hold their hands until they link to a new player community.

Via the Gamespot interview that @NianticBrian did and kind of linked to a thread I made before.

How would you want this to be presented in Ingress when we get it presumably next year? Do you want Daily/Weekly/Seasonal tasks? Just for new players or for all?



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    I wouldn't like Ingress to become a task clicker like Pokémon Go and so. Part of what makes Ingress a great game is that you can play on your own rhythm, maintaining Sojo/Hackstreaks during some periods and playing hardcore on others. We already have IFS and Second Sunday's, plus challenge events and localized ones. This kind of new tasks would be nice for newbies IMHO but once you know the game and become a daily player, having to do them for a badge or anything would feel more like an obligation than a nice addition to keep us playing.

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    There are many players that prefer task based gameplay.

    In fact it is the expected norm for games today.

    But for Ingress, it has to be done carefully.

    Depends on what these tasks are. And how much the devs expect players to do them.

    Eg, make 10 links in one week

    Capture 5 portals

  • If they add tasks, I would prefer them to not do timed tasks.

    Just do like PoGo's research tasks, have a set of larger tasks and offer a reward when completed, regardless of how long you do to complete them.

    I'm just not sure what reward would be appropriate.

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    Why not wait until it comes out? A topic from 2 months that could have been bumped.

    It's an incentive that helps new users but also everyone.

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