Does Niantic proceed with community guidelines and multi-account processing?

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There have been posts about this user on the forum before.


There was no major resolution after this post.

Niantic is not taking any action, including continuous raising of issues with the user and nicknames that slander other players.

Niantic has refused to sanction the user, saying it is not a violation of its own community guidelines.

Just by looking at the picture attached above, despite the recent sanctions imposed by the user on the slang account including my code name, I continue to create a ridiculously modified code name or an account containing slang to enjoy the game.

The Niantic regulations state that inappropriate codenames or multiple accounts are subject to sanctions.

However, Niantic continues to answer that it is not a violation of regulations despite continuous reporting.

A good user can solve this problem by continuously contacting Niantic, but the user is constantly repeating the action.

Niantic's neglect of the case is causing skepticism about the game play.

When on earth will Niantic conduct a crackdown on fraudulent users?

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  • P.S Users who are blotted out in the text are also the same people they are talking about in the text.

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    I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, here is what will happen:

    1. Some users on this forum will report your thread because it contains codename of a player
    2. Admin of this forum will remove your screenshot and remind you of going to the support
    3. Admin of this forum will close this thread

    Here is what you may have a try:

    1. Find a Vanguard to submit reports by him/her. This is better than submitting reports by normal players. Is there any Vanguard for Korean area?
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    As far as I know, there isn't

    The closest region is Hong Kong..

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    This is weird, because I thought once upon a time, there were some companies in Korea sponsoring this game and introduced some merchants portals in Korea. I saw some in Seoul several years ago. Niantic should consider assigning a Korean Vanguard.

    Usually reports filed by Vanguards will be seen by NIA OPS slightly more important than players' reports. In another post I asked for picking up some new Vanguards which may help players' reporting but users on this forum do not agree so whatever...

  • As far as I know, the user is not currently playing games.

  • I just received the second COMM stop mail after complaining to the user through chat.

    I'd like to ask if this is a fair play that Niantic claims.

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    This is a problem among many when multi-accounting is not handled by Niantic effectively. Players having multiple accounts would easily make Niantic's automatic warning system and customer support agents think that "there are many players hara.ssed by you" which is not true and those informers actually are that single player and his/her sub-accounts. But you still would get warnings or bans if you quarrel with him/her in COMM while it's hard for that player to be warned because you are following the rules and do not have many sub-accounts like him.

  • Thanks for the report, @praeterita! However, we are unable to review such reports here. Please continue the conversation via in-app support.

    I'll be closing this thread for future comments. Appreciate your understanding!

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