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So I went on Twitter to complain at @NianticHelp about an issue because, well. The support through the support page didn't read what my issue is and responded with some canned copy paste thing that wasn't related to my problem. So like a modern and civilized internet user, went at them on Twitter.. Yay I quickly got a response! They followed so I could message them, which I did! Aaaaaaaand they never read what I sent and few days later unfollowed so there's no way for me to message them again in direct messages and they ignore me on public tweets. So my theory is there's some automatic thing going on and nobody really reads them, it's like a guest book where you write but don't get any responses back.


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    The sooner you realize this and then learn to live with it, the better. Support is nothing but a firewall to most cheaters in the game.

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    @NianticBrian This is something that needs to be addressed. The support Team giving bad replies to support requests. This has frequently been an issue for years. I'm not sure if it's even on any sort of list to be looked at, or some sort of an annual or bi-annually review.

    Does the help information on the website even get updated frequently? Software we use at work for KB's is reviewed by a review group every 3 months.

    I'm guessing the Help Site hasn't been reviewed in quite some time. (700+ Days per the counter on the site)

    Trusted Reporters Program Link is still active.

    Connect With Other Agents hasn't been updated to mention anything about Campfire

    Niantic Social Page

    Kinetic Capsules (no info about the rare ones, and how many you can run at once, ect.)

    I'm sure there are more, but this is stuff that needs to be reviewed on a set time basis. Having outdated or incorrect support information on your site will cause customer friction and potentially other issues. Could also be a cause for poor reviews on various app stores.

  • Like a PoGo first launching, to many bot, spoofing and support can't handle it. And many legit player learn to live with it and use 3rd app too. And not for long, ban wave like a "magic".

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    Let me tell you something. If only talking about "Inappropriate Gameplay Report" support tickets...only following three categories will be reviewed manually by really reading your ticket:

    Spoofing with Fast Track form submitted (firstly someone will check if your ticket matches fast track rules and then read your ticket if met)

    COMM hara.ssment

    In-Person hara.ssment

    However, generally following categories will be reviewed manually by directly closing your ticket or at most performing a system scan on targeting account before closing the ticket but not actually reading your ticket:

    Spoofing without Fast Track form submitted, or not complying with the Fast Track criteria


    Perhaps You could imagine the reasons behind this. It's because general spoofing and multi-accounting would be detected by their system automatically and thus no need to read your ticket. We know that it's difficult for their system to detect those cheatings but if they are not detected automatically by the system then it wouldn't be as well by analyzing the words your sent.

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    At least those articles are not replaced with "Zdfasdfasdfadsf", which is good.........🤣

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    I have reported so many over the years without anything happend really ive given up by now.

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    That is a coding issue with the client.

    Failure to update your customer facing documentation / help pages is either laziness, or poor processes. It ultimately leads to further problems/issues for your customers and more work for your company.

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    There's no category for buying gear / gear source /stacking category investigation either.

    We've had two notorious players return to the game, burster stacking and unlimited gear. (They've gone through multi accounts worth in the last week with no sign of slowing down and hardly any hacking).

    And there's not even a category to report them for it.

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