How would you buff the red faction?

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The very idea of the red faction is wonderful, but unfortunately the faction is still weak.

At the moment, the machine invasion is ineffective. Our enemy cannot capture a large territory. The maximum he can do is to make small clusters of portals that usually fall apart after a few days. Sometimes the opponent manages to capture no more than one portal. The red faction does not have connections between clusters that are at a significant distance from each other, there is no protection with the help of attacking and defensive modifiers. At the moment, the threat from the red faction is minimal. The question is, should the red faction be strengthened, and if so, how?



  • I think the balance is fine in areas with lots of grey portals and no player activity, but I would like to see more aggressive retaliation from machina portals as they recover from attacks:

    -For now, splash damage to red resonators can be enough to cause them to decay before they recharge, so one that you didn't target directly but hit with a small amount of splash damage could turn grey within a day. I'd like to see these heal more fully in the hours following an attack, maybe even beyond 25% charge.

    -Perhaps these could be more aggressive in cells that have large number of existing blue/green portals, by sending out multiple links.

    Local players hit several large clusters over the last week, and they are very slow to recover. Even after 5 or 6 days, all that's left to do when returning to the area is clean up a few scattered remnants and sparse links. I'd like to see gameplay be more of "if you don't wipe it out completely, it returns with a vengeance."

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    Give us a red virus / flip card

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    Leave red faction as is.

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    Deep red shoe polish and a soft cloth?

    Seriously, I don't know because I think red faction is primarily designed to help areas that don't have a ton of activity. I live in exactly the opposite of that so in my area it just feels like a novelty, and it's hard for me to imagine a path for it being anything else.

  • Let players switch to team red.

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    Wait until the anomaly next month, i think they will announce one thing or two, they just tease us a little for now what red can do but we dont know all details yet but im sure that will come.

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    Hourly growth, or no limits on how many portals in a cluster can grow.

    No limits on how far it can spread other than link length.

  • If allowed to stay level 8 for an entire cycle stuff gets unlocked.

  • They're tweaking the growth in real-time, it appears. And from reports, a L8 can keep itself alive as if it levelled and linked out on the usual random chance.

  • For a long time, I had felt that a good endgame for Ingress was to have an AI-controlled faction that gradually became stronger over time. Moreover, neither human faction by itself could completely eliminate it (for example, it might only take up to 50% damage from each faction and heal quickly), so both factions would have to work together to eliminate them.

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    recurse bonus : you can recharge red portal.

    each recursion allow to recharge a upper lvl red portal (ie 1 recurse can recharge l1 red portal etc)

  • Red faction needs to be nerfed ASAP. Crosslinking is extremely overpowered, and a huge headache for operation planners. Makes us travel dozens of extra kms to clear out red Cross links that block existing operation protective links, and they do not stop spawning. In my case, I have to travel 100km because they keep spawning in villages and then grow and spread with links longer then 5 km, completely blocking the entire operation. Really feels like niantic is actively trying to discourage players from playing the game like its supposed to and pandering to casual players who will be delighted to have something in their backyard to destroy.

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  • Annoying yes. Doubly so if you knock off a particular anchor so that the other faction is completely blocked from throwing a field.

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