The world should not be like that

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Dear Niantic, please let us fight the red plague. Turn Ingress back on in Russia.

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  • I would really want to fight the red threat as well. I don't support the war and never did.

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    Calm down the agent, your participation is not required, we ourselves will deal with the problem.

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    Did you mean the form of a very strong organization? KGB, yup. That man is not alone. ((

    Impossible to fight and defeat. ((((

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    If i could wish something, i would wish this spreads way more and agressive. Eating all portal, white, blue or green portal until the last portal is read. And after that they shut down the servers. That would be a nice 10yrs Ending for this game.

    (Id rather see a nice ending then seeing this game slowly bleed out further :D)

  • When civility returns, and Ingress is turned back on... agents will immediately have something to do: deal with the third faction. They won't face a sea of grey. It'll be fun and exciting.

  • Alas, we can’t stop the war in the real world.

    Russians are protesting in large numbers. Yes. People can change the world.

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    Could a group of hippies use their banners and slogans to stop the war machine?

    You realize the reason the US pulled out of Vietnam was that sentiment for the war turned against continuing right? Because of all those hippies, banners, and slogans.

    It's almost like you're living in a place where you've been brainwashed to believe you have no power, so that you don't ever realize that you do.

     stop paying for it at all, live without gas, oil and heat. 

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    Russians that have disappeared and never heard from again.

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  • Uh, "never-patriot". Expatriate means a person living outside their native country.

  • I hope you don't take this as commentary on you, but your roommate is an awful person. There have been awful Americans at any point in history too, but when good people stand up, they lose. The US left Vietnam because the people said no. The US ended segregation because good people said no. The US just in the last decade stopped denying gay folks marriage because good people said it had to change. And the way they did that was they talked. They protested. They voted. A government is only powerful if enough people let it be.

    I hope your roommate, gets locked out in the cold so the blood thisty sociopath can experience what your tax dollars are inflicting on Ukraine.

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    Look I was freshly angered having just read about your soldiers raping and murdering civilians. My Tone was pretty harsh, and I hope you personally stay safe.

    That said, you mention the Iraq war which is a prefect example of you shouldn't be able to play Ingress in Russia. The party in power, that pushed the Iraq war lost pretty soundly in 2 following elections because of that war and the 2008 Recession. It was held responsible for disrupting American lives. If Putin didn't attack Ukraine, you would be able to play Ingress. So would any Russian. He did, he caused that is is a disruption to your life. The more effective sanctions are the more your lives will be disrupted because of Putin. Think on people like your roommate who support the war. He and others like him are why you shouldn't be able to play Ingress. Thank him when you can't play Ingress.

    Further the more sanctions weaken your country the safer everyone else is. Ukraine did nothing to you, and yet your country murders, and torturers its people. Your country casually threatens to nuke folks for trying to protect themselves. When your people have had their lives disrupted enough, there will then be change.

  • What our country is doing is awful! I've been crying since February, and I feel helpless.

    But we didn't choose Putin. Elections in Russia are all fake since 2011. Maybe even earlier.

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    Sanctions are ineffective and ill-conceived. 

    Here's how we live with our neighbors:

    We rent an apartment from a landlord for $660 for three people (at today's rate). This rent includes central heating, gas, cleaning the common areas, garbage collection, etc. Separately, we pay only for electricity, water (according to meter readings) and the Internet (we have an unlimited apartment), this month, such additional payment totaled $ 26.41 (that is just under $ 10 per person). 

    This is rental housing, if a person lives in their own place, it comes out cheaper (no rent)

    Do you seriously think that my neighbor and others like him suffer from these sanctions? 

    The sanctions have ruined the lives of Europeans. And if you believe the news, they are now protesting against the sanctions in many countries.

    Next. The war in Iraq lasted 8 years (Wikipedia). For 8 years someone protested, but the war went on anyway. 

    The Vietnam War lasted 10 years (Wikipedia). The war lasted 10 years, despite people's protests.

    About soldiers raping civilians. This is propaganda aimed at hating soldiers. You read it and take its word for it, although even the Ukrainian news admitted that it was made up. As far as I remember, the woman working in the Ukrainian government who made up such cases was fired. 

    In our country such cases are described in great detail in the media, evidence and facts are given that such crimes did not take place. 

    And also in our country there is a lot of news that everything is just the opposite, that the Ukrainian soldiers beat inhabitants simply for the fact that they speak Russian (and there are half of such people in the country). I think this is not true, because I still communicate with Ingress agents from Ukraine in general chats. Many of them are friendly with us, no matter what, and share common people and Putin. But it is us, the Ingress players, who have the opportunity to chat with ordinary people from other countries in the same way. Most Russians don't communicate with people from other countries, they don't have that kind of people-to-people connection, and so they can't get a rebuttal to what our media is saying. 

    Now, most people who support Putin sincerely believe that civilians are beaten in Ukraine if they start speaking Russian. Just like you believe your news. 

    In the same way, most people in Russia live quite normally, the sanctions have hardly affected ordinary people. These residents have parents, children, wealth. And they also have an understanding that if they go to a rally for the sake of strangers, they can lose everything, they can ruin the lives of not only themselves, but also their loved ones. 

    And also people in Russia have an understanding that no one will help them. 

    When there were protests in Belarus, did anyone help the protesters? I do not remember anything like that.

    That is, you want a small group of people who play in the Ingress to go and protest, but you don't understand that it's useless here. The wars in Iraq and Vietnam ended with a change of government. The next elections in Russia will be on March 17, 2024. I really hope that by then most people won't want to see Putin and his henchmen, and will vote the right way. But as long as these people are insulted and humiliated by strangers, getting their opinion to change is very difficult. If my neighbor sees the advice here to lock him on the balcony, he'll just believe Putin even more, that's all.

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    Um, I am very sure a portion of both Russians and Ukranians are committing war crimes. Close the thread please.

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    I agree.

    Everyone would also be better off if the red mold in Russia were defused. Because of it, players from other countries may never be able to throw a link through our territories.

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    unclear why they were banned at all


    Any of the following acts [...] shall qualify as an act of aggression:

    (f) The action of a State in allowing its territory, which it has placed at the disposal of another State, to be used by that other State for perpetrating an act of aggression against a third State

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