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    This wouldn't be the first ban wave caused by some specific oneplus or huawei tool.

    Where is the oneplus ban wave? Does it really exist? I see players keeping talking like "with the latest OS update of OnePlus"...But the changelog of OS update is open for public to read, isn't it? I don't see anything related to location service was mentioned in that changelog.

    You could be banned for something you did last year instead of something recently. Assuming something happened recently is 100% the reason for the ban and thus being a false positive, is not logical. This entire everlasting topic should run ends, if there is no new technical proof found by players that a specific OS update could be the reason.

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    No. You're interpreting what Niantic said and oddly enough, you're going to play this fake mindset. We're not stupid.

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    No, you are denying what was said by Brian during AMA

    That reply represents a final decision made by Niantic. We're not stupid to believe the "Niantic have said nothing to that player and gave no reasons for the ban until now" story made up by threads on this forum and that "FreeXYZ" movement launched in IFS and on Twitter.

    Of course players can say "reasons are not narrowed enough". Of course players could ask for more accurate reasons. They always have rights to ask.

    However, this does not justify the action of taking every trivial and unrelated thing as "reasons" to continue the "FreeXYZ" campaign, after Brian's reply. Some players said "It's an error device ban wave", but provided no technical perspectives. Some players even said:

    This, is obviously asking for privileges and is odd enough.

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    I don't care about the freexyz campaign so please assume what you and the other 3 collaborators you talk with about such actions. You're the last people on here to dictate what Niantic means by their posts.

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    OK. Let's say you get banned.

    You complain and Niantic tell you the reason is you were using modified client software.

    You then claim you were not, and let's for the sake of argument, accept that you were not.

    You loudly proclaim your rightful innocence.

    BUT - Niantic have NO WAY to prove this one way or the other - their system tells them you were using modified software, but you have no way to actually prove you were not. So the outcome is, Niantic either keep the ban, or trust your word and unban you.

    I'd hope, what actually happens, is Niantic have good hard look at the data and other similar cases with same trigger and see if they can find a pattern. If they find it's a coding/detection error and fix it, great, overturn the ban. But it's probably a fairly expensive exercise.

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    Nowhere in Brian's statement does it say they told them the ban reason.

  • “There's information we have that other players in the community who see a friend or well-known player get banned just don't have. We're doing what we can to preserve fair play in Ingress, and we're focused on improving our Anti Cheat detection and processes. With the player who I think you're referring to, the one other players in LA talked to us about in-person, it's not that we're ignoring your concerns. We have communicated with that player that their account will not be reinstated."


    Let that player speak. If anybody would like to insist on the "Niantic told nothing" storyline.

  • There is a way.

    Those players kept saying "it's a OnePlus ban wave caused by the latest OS update".

    1. Collect a lot of players' cases where they are banned and was using OnePlus. There should be many if there really exists a ban
    2. Reivew the changelog of the latest OS update and find something technical that could lead to a false positive ban, for example something relevant to location service

    I don't see that those players and their advocates are doing this.

    They are merely proclaiming loudly, to ask for privileges. The privilege that no matter what was done by that player, he should be unbanned, with no solid ground.

  • Obviously not the "last people", according to dislikes reactions on relevant several threads. You have expressed you thoughts. Now please kindly move on.

  • "That player" is not going to say Yeah I cheated even if I did so having that player claim innocence is not exactly conclusive.

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    This does not sound like what's generally said by an XMA especially who supports Niantic no matter what.

    If you read my replies carefully you will realize that by saying "let that player" speak, I was asking for that player to clarify whether he received "reasons for the ban" or not, given by Niantic in emails or something. Because some players keep saying NO but gave no proof.

    NOBODY except you is asking that player to admit the "ToS breaking behavior" here.

  • It's nice how you don't respond at all to the content of my reply and instead make up a story that fits the narrative you want to relay.

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    Nice selective quote.

    I don't know how long you've been playing but people have absolutely been unbanned in the past because of false positive triggers based off of phone software. You can deny this if this makes you feel better but that doesn't change reality.

    Main difference is that this was before that whole "Ingress needs to hold it's own financially" deal and before Ingress got pushed way into the background of their portfolio.

    Furthermore it's pretty hard to come up with evidence for anything if Niantic is unwilling to relay any specifics on what software usage triggered the ban. Which was the whole point of the reply you cherry picked this sentence from.

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    This is the problem with these sorts of things. Niantic is the authority in this case, because they have all the information. They're not obligated to tell you anything about it, yet they did. "That player" is silent, by your own admission. Think about the rational explanation in that case.

    an XMA especially who supports Niantic no matter what.

    You must be new here, by the lack of visits on your profile, but feel free to read more on mine and you'll see me happily criticizing Niantic where they deserve it, and in many things including their handling of bans regarding direct communication to the player and their reporter. What they shouldn't have to deal with is a bunch of people unrelated to the events, brigading them for information that is private between the Player and the company.

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    Yes you are right. Though I'm fine with Niantic's firmly banning players who violated ToS seriously, I understand that it's reasonable for players to ask for more transparency.

    But, they can not use an assumption "Niantic said nothing to that player" as a fact directly, to support their theory. They should do due diligence. And this can be done by inviting that player (it's unnecessary for him to do but only he can do) to say something about "whether Niantic said something to him i.e. the reasons for the ban". If that player does not comment on this point, then it should not be used as a fact and in this case I'll rely on what's said by Brian.

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    No, you were saying many things irrelevant to the question: "Did Niantic tell the reasons to that player for the ban".

    Niantic said YES (directly told that player, not only saying ToS violation but also gave some reasons). You said NO (nothing was given by Niantic to that player at all, there is only implication). That player didn't say anything. Nothing.

       People are banned so the ToS violation is implied. They need to say what part of it was violated.

       If you're just coming back with "you violated ToS" nothing may just as well have been said in it's stead.

    This is what you said and the original question we were discussing. When that player said nothing, it's strange of you to say NO on behalf of that player. How do you know that? Isn't it your own assumption?

    With regards to whether the ban, or reasons given are accurate and proper, that's another topic which we were NOT discussing.

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    I've played this game for 10 years.

    I've seen some false positives bans. But I've seen much more cases where players seriously violated ToS were pretending to be completely innocent, and additionally some players that I'm 100% confident that he was spoofing, got his accounts unbanned just because many players speak loudly on G+ for him, saying that "XXX is an important member of our community" and simultaneously provided no proof denying the spoofing activities.

    Now, I'm happy to see that Ingress team no longer spoils those "community unbanning famous names" campaigns. In contrast, the whole IFS-UN played a disappointing role in this drama.

    Still, I'm not saying that anybody was spoofing, regarding this free someone thing. I'm talking about my memories.

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    This isn't your topic, you move on first. You were alright not being here for over a year until a certain event brought you back.

  • Maybe you should go back to the main content of this thread and take a look before making replies. This thread is about the FreeXYZ campaign, and you directly said that you don't care about it and start discussing something else, this is already not respecting other readers. And now you are directly commenting on readers for consecutive two replies.

    . Obviously living on the forum throughout one year did not help make someone's words more reasonable. Please kindly concentrate on the topic of this thread or move on.

  • They just want Niantic to unban specific players no matter what. They thought it's just like the old times when they speak in group on Google Plus and instantly someone's account banned for some valid reasons will be restored. Even if Niantic gives them more accurate reasons for the ban, they would find something new to criticize, as long as their motion has not been passed.

    This can be easily seen from how some of them directly started commenting on me, not on the topic, in this thread.

  • Thanks for the lively discussion on this thread. Based on the content of the discussion, I will be closing it for future comments. I appreciate your understanding.

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