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It has come to my attention that the Red Faction or Machina portals are at risk here from my own faction and i am bit disappointed.

Maybe it is because we are in different universe and honestly we arnt sure which one we are exploring anymore. But from the Universe i am from (1218), where i started my journey nearly 9 years ago, the Resistance wouldn't have just shut the door on this new discovery. Whatever universe we are in, i feel i need to speak up. Not all of us are against advancing the scanner. Not all of us want to close the door on knowledge and discovery. Many of us are from 1218 where we explored everything, researched everything that was new and exciting. The Resistance then was only against the mind control we feared the Shapers imposed on the Enlightened. We were not against advancements which could seen with the interactions with Ada, the Nzeer, Tecthulhus, and so much more. This universes Resistance, doesn't represent 1218s Resistance.

Many of us want to study these Red portals, this faction that we joked and predicted about years and years ago alongside the Enlightened that there would be a red faction out there some time.... Many of us want to know more about everything this universe can offer us. There are so many of us in that have worked together with the Enlightened to discover the truth behind the scanner. So many of us in the past universes and current that wanted to learn more.

So i will say, i will not destroy any of the Red Faction Machina portals unless i absolutely need to or need to experiment for further research purposes, in order to support the cause to keep these portals around. I will side with who we in 1218 were told were the villians and become a villian myself. I am Resistance and i want the Red Portals to stay so i will not support closing the door on them.

While we are at it, the Enl won the last anomaly. I want to know about the Shapers too.




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    lol ive been told many years now that i should probably join the enl... but if i do, who will speak up in the Res

  • At this point I just put some trust into the "GameMaster". 😬

    A GM who put a lot of effort in preparing a dungeon for his player, drawing maps, populate them with stories an npcs and so on... will not give the players any chance to miss it. Even if the players try to avoid it, he will find a way to throw them into the dungeon, so his time and efforts are not wasted.

    The same here. No matter who will win, you will see any fresh stuff / functions / possibilities, I'm sure. 😁

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    Also to make another point here on this, it has been brought up in investigation chats that Machina may possibly be another Exogenous being. Killing these portals could be killing that being... Since they are only taking over neutral and inactive portals, then that doesnt **** aggressive to me. They are not going after Res or Enl portals.

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    go red ❤️❤️

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    Can't we have a Teal colored faction? As a nod towards its origin?

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    Yes, I don't think stagnation is what Resistance wants. Exploring behind the door is the hope of BOTH Enlightened and Resistance.

    Their difference is HOW they use it for the benefit of humanity after that.

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    I am Enlightened

    If I was to say , I agree your opinion

    I feel the resistances will destroy all them.

    your acts may be very experimental and dangerous,but we are agents, investigators.

    otherwise, I feel fear those res cores.

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    At least how I've interpreted the faction motivations, the Resistance are interested in knowledge and discovery on their own terms, whereas the Enlightened assume the best and jump in. The Enlightened seek to embrace the unknown while the Resistance probe and study the unknown when they know it's safe to do so.

    The term "Pandora's Box" is used multiple times, which is foreboding because the opening of Pandora's Box in Greek Mythology was not a positive event. From Wikipedia, when Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus, the king of the gods, took vengeance by presenting Pandora to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus. Pandora opened a jar left in her care containing sickness, **** and many other unspecified evils which were then released into the world. Opening Pandora's Box has become synonymous in popular culture with willingly bringing on unknown problems. It's a story of naivete, lack of foresight, and carelessness. It's an ancient example of the modern phrase, "curiosity killed the cat." It is not how the Resistance operate.

    My only issue with the choice presented for this Anomaly was the choice between breaching a Power Cube and keeping it intact. It's literally "let this side win to add more story, or let that side win to skip the story and move on."

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    So if Res would win the anomaly next month we would be the bad guys for not opening the power cube and see whats inside ?

  • Insert Mitchell & Webb sketch "are we the bad guys"

    If we win then we will close the door. Isn't it a bit too late for that? They are already here

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