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- I will not participate in any BB or any motive to get the Epiphany dawn badge

 (i do respect those that want the badge still)

- I have made commitments to the (xf) community for some other stuff, i will keep them for now

- I will cancel my core now.

I accept the consequenses of these actions with my head held high. 


Niantic not communicating with their customers.

Total lack of respect for their customers.

Ignorance of any agents and/or community's rights and/or needs.

Dear @NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticThia @ofer2 or whomever it concerns:

Start communicating with the banned agents.

Is this "banhammer" is hanging over all agents now? Who will be next?

I am almost certain it will be me.

As you are the judge and the jury.

I have lost faith in niantic and the people behind it. Proof me wrong please.

I am refering to, and not excluded, to all posts about the bans of the 20th of october 2022 but one in particular.

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