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In 2022, we have delivered live events that help this one decade of research on XM to advance:

  • Kureze Effect
  • Kythera
  • Superposition (Primary Site at Munich)
  • Epiphany Dawn (Primary Site at Los Angeles, upcoming Primary Site at Yokohama)
  • Over 40 Ingress Mission Days

...and improvements that help keep Ingress going:

  • Improving Portal History Layers with Inverted Highlight
  • Matryoshka Link (Linking under Field)
  • Dynamic Link to Portal, Ingress Mission, and Agent Profile
  • Native Refresh Rate
  • Audio AR and Head Tracking
  • Purchasing item bundles from deploy/attack/inventory carousel

Going forward, we have plans to

  • Improve Agent on-boarding
  • Bring back Hexathlon in-game
  • Introduce Player-versus-Environment (PvE) gameplay
  • Bring Ingress First Saturday back to the real world
  • Reopen Ingress Mission Day applications with improved process

To commemorate #IngressYear10, the following bonuses will be in effect between 10 November 2022 17:00 UTC and 21 November 2022 17:00 UTC:

  • 2X AP on all actions
  • 2X deploy L8 Resonators
  • Drone cooldown reduced to 10 mins
  • Hacks on friendly Portals will yield 2X amount of building gear (Resonators, Power Cubes)
  • Hacks on enemy Portals will yield 2X amount of attack gear (XMP, Ultrastrike)
  • Kinetic energy distance for all Programs reduced from 8km to 1.0km
  • Up to 10 total Kinetic Capsule Programs can be activated in parallel

The Pathfinder Year 10 medal will be awarded to all Agents who’ve earned more than 0 AP from the Year 9 Anniversary (15 November 2021) through the end of Year 10 Anniversary celebrations (21 November 2022).

Medal distribution will take place some time after the Bonus period ends on Monday, 21 November (PT) and follows the same Medal tiers as Year 9:

  • Bronze: Level 3
  • Silver: Level 9
  • Gold: Level 13
  • Platinum: Level 15
  • Onyx: Level16 Recursed Agents will receive Onyx Medals.

In the Store, we have prepared the following:

  • BOGO Portal Fracker (4,800 CMU)
  • BOGO Apex (2,500 CMU)
  • IQTech Dronenet 2021 Digital Kit (19,000 CMU; single purchase) Note: The Digital Kit will be available to all Agents regardless if you have the IQTech Dronenet 2021 medal or not. Please double-check you do not have this medal before purchasing.
    • IQTech Dronenet 2021 Medal
    • Power Cube (40)
    • Xmp Burster (40)
    • Resonator (40)
    • Aegis Shield (2)
    • Rare Multi-hack (30)
    • Rare Portal Shield (30)
    • Rare Heat Sink (30)
    • Rare Link Amp (10)
    • Rare Kinetic Capsule (2)
    • Jarvis Virus (2)
    • ADA Refactor (2)

Thank you to all Agents for being a part of our global Ingress community. Stay tuned for Year 10 messages from the Ingress Team! Do share your stories and SITREPs of your favorites ops, events, and Portals on social with the #IngressYear10 hashtag. In addition, sign up for a friendly competition initiated by fellow Agents as detailed here.

As always, please remember to be aware of your surroundings. We encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines when playing Ingress (such as wearing masks and maintaining at least six feet/two meters of distance from other people). For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check https://ingress.com/news.

— Ingress Team



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