Here is the BANNED 2022/Nov IFS winner Artwork and how ANYONE could draw it



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    Thank you for your rational, fair comment on the decision that my artwork will be dropped.

    Sad to see that after this comment, you are instantly punished by that corresponding IUENG moderator by claiming that you violated a rule there which actually you don't. It's the same logic that, instead of not posting or suggesting to edit the OPTIONAL review that is NOT part of criteria for qualification for the winning artwork, they dropped the artwork directly.

    It's an intended revenge. They are abu.sing everything they touch to suppress dissidents.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2022

    Proof that IUENG moderators are doing everything to punish players who expressed their opinion in this post, which is not the same as those moderators:

    If you navigate to the exact dialog in that chat group, you will see that multiple players have sent MEME pics/GIFs for the same time that does not contain any channel information. However, only one of them, who said that the decision and reason to drop this artwork is silly here, received a warning sent manually by moderators there.

    They are abu.sing everything they touch to suppress targeted dissidents. The IFS Art Competition is merely one of those "everything". The reviewer showed no professionalism or integrity in this incident. They share the texts of my interview to external players who should not see it, violating Data security policy. They dropped my artwork for the sake of their own fan channel.

    It's not a competition. It's a planned action exploiting Niantic official campaigns.

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