No map or portals on my Bison phone

When starting up the game on my phone i dont get a map or portals on my phone.

I have tried to clear the cache, remove the game and installe it again, and all the other thing you read people say to do, but no, the game shows what is on the screenshot. I have tryid going into the drone map, but it is just black, so i am all out of ideas.

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  • You are starting up at 0,0. That's why it's showing you in the ocean.

    Things to try:

    1. Restart your phone.
    2. See where Google Maps puts you. If the dot is grey, it's got no clue either.
  • My phone reboots once a day, google maps put me where i am.

  • @Perringaiden

    You gave me an idea, after trying to start up google maps and then ingress, that did not improve anything, but after installing another location based game(Turf), and keep that running in the background, it seems to help ingress figure out where it is, and as soon i remove the other game, ingress acts up again.

    The problem started when Campfire or what ever it was called in the beginning was added to the game, that still puts me in San Francisco, no matter what I do, when I start that up, so I don't use that.

    Thanks for the idea to try using another app to make ingress work.

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