What news we are waiting for? (July 19th)

RuinDigRuinDig ✭✭✭

1. New event "NIA Field Fest"

Andrew Krug @RedSoloCup said "With more information of Field Test will come on July." Until July 19th, there is no new information. Still we are waiting.

2. More information about vanguard

Andrew Krug said "More information will come one or two weeks" on June 28th. Still we are waiting.

3.New forum interface design

NianticCasey @NianticCasey said "Will be introducing in the coming weeks." Still we are waiting.


  • edited July 2019

    With the July anomalies just in a few days and with @RedSoloCup currently also with NL1331 in the European tour, perhaps they are abit busier than anticipated. Let's be a bit more patient for a while more @RuinDig san

  • jplolojplolo ✭✭✭✭

    @RedSoloCup @NianticOfficial

    There is no reply available on your Vanguard Announcement so I'll need to ask here.

    I noticed the google form is the same form you used on the first round of applications. Only editing is available as opposed to reapplying. Do you have the "edits" dated as well as "new submissions" so they aren't overlooked?

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