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  • I'm not very concerned with spoofing at the moment but I am a little concerned with the behavior of some other players. I've pretty much abandoned the use of cross faction because the other team is just blatantly abusive. When I was playing in another state that wasn't the case but where I am playing now there are a group of players that constantly **** other players and then if you respond in any way, you end up with a ban notice. I was actually in the same faction as these players and they would **** members of their own faction that didn't drive out to where they were building a farm or collect keys for them. I switched factions because their behavior was so bad and had to make it to Level 8 twice. Now they follow me around focusing on taking down fields as soon as I put them up. That part is really that bad except for the following me around part. Putting the same fields up repeatedly has just helped me get MU's for my Illuminator badge. The thing that has me really concerned is, one evening I was at a remote portal and they followed me there. Shortly after I left they took my field back down. That was fine, but then shortly after that another member of my faction went to the same portal to put the field back up. This is when things became confrontational. I wasn't there, but I read the exchange in comm. For the most part playing the game has been a positive experience. I enjoy playing with other players from both factions when I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, but once I am over the Sierra Mountains its like a different game. I still enjoy the game, but in a different way. I go out and explore the vast open spaces where there are few people, and really that's the only way to play where I am now. When you are in town the game doesn't feel safe. Its really a funny thing to say, because it isn't like that in other places. I was in Las Angeles and there are some really awesome people there who play the game, and the same in Oakland. Where I am now I do pretty much anything I can to avoid other players because of the way they make accusations and try to bully other players. I felt lucky that I left that one portal before things got out of hand. I felt bad when I heard that the people who had been following me had threatened the player who was only trying to recapture a portal. It made me feel sad about the game and unsafe playing it. sorry if I rambled a bit, but I'm new to all of this.

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    Disagree. There will be a comm event at an airport / train station or close by. System just has to looked at for auditing.

  • Hi everyone I am papachoZ a QC Sierra06 Resistance player, I wanted to tell you about my experience.

    Since July 28 in our cell, and in the adjacent one, many fake accounts have started to appear, lines of defense that have been holding up for months (some for more than a year) have started to be regularly destroyed by accounts that appear and level in one day in big cities, and then they move to our mountains. Dozens and dozens of reports and the result is almost always the same.

    A fake literally put 3 regions of central Italy on fire for 48 days, the requests for abuse have never had any effect.

    The peak was when he started with fake of adverse color, 3 or 4 accounts on each side operated by one or two people with logs from mountain peaks or portals difficult to reach, when not conquered by field agents only thanks to satellite phones. .

    Now the puppeteer doesn't even try to level up the fakes, he makes him do 3 or 4 levels and then with various cheats he destroys the mountain portals.

    The best was a portal that has withstood a very long time, which fell under the bombs of a level 4 or 5 fake, born practically the day before (which continues to exist despite the reports).

    The most annoying thing is the awareness that if the fake accounts were banned, and the restores worked as they should, the game could resume within a few hours (a L8 portal so difficult to obtain, the fake passes, it is reported, fake banned portal restored and the same thing for the links), instead we find ourselves in unlikely situations, in which you can not do anything, you can not fight with those who in less than 2 minutes can place themselves anywhere, simply leaving an account idle for a few hours, destroy and pass to the next goal.

    Moreover, the more time passes the more the puppeteer becomes brazen, mountain peaks hit at half past one in the morning, but the message from NIA is always the same, "thanks for the fish", but everything is fine.

    At the beginning of August I stopped paying for my subscription, and I think that until things change they will probably stop playing, given the Niantic policy has deeply disgusted me.

  • I guess this CAL system isn't working as intended…

  • If someone create a fake and level-up "near" and send to a remote portal to destroy, and the fake isnt banned istantanelIf someone does level a fake in the surroundings, and sends it to the portal to be destroyed, it obviously doesn't work at all. From the rest it is not even possible to block access to the portals for newbies, I among the first portals I conquered there are many of my strategic portals, I had played in the village then, an opposing agent hit an anchor on the top of a mountain, and with my "mentor" we went to get it back and I conquered it. First "peak" of my gaming history.If someone does level a fake in the surroundings, and sends it to the portal to be destroyed, it obviously doesn't work at all. From the rest it is not even possible to block access to the portals for newbies, I among the first portals I conquered there are many of my strategic portals, I had played in the village then, an opposing agent hit an anchor on the top of a mountain, and with my "mentor" we went to get it back and I conquered it. First "peak" of my gaming history.

    But in case of reporting an instant ban would be the correct thing, then in case there are appeals, perhaps public, that allow both sides to understand who is there and who is exposed for an obviously bogus account.

  • CAL doesn't ban accounts. It's intended to stop dodgy accounts from interacting with specific portals. We just don't know for sure which portals are in the CAL network and which are not.

    So we cannot say that CAL isn't working, as we don't know if these portals are on CAL or not.

  • I would expect mountain peaks to be included in it since they are usually the ones targetted by that kind of accounts.

  • Now noone know how to work CAL, but my portal (level 7) was flipped, and second portal near destroyed 1 hourl later, for that portals, destryed by 10 different fake banned in last year, but no particular attention to it is reserved by Niantic, in segnalation. (for now)

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    CAL is working for us in Western Australia.

  • @NianticThia FYI there were 4 fake accounts banned in the last few days, spoofing around Milan. A new one has just spoofed EVERY single field in the cell. The only portal which was destroyed by a real agent was just restored yesterday because it's a remote portal which was spoofed, which makes me guessing that it is a coordinated action in order to not have it restored, all the rest was spoofed. Glad they have the decency to destroy at least one portal in person though.

    How in the world are we supposed to play an ar game which is so influenced by players who play it from their computer?

  • Hi there, I was the VG that logged that reset, and I was not made aware that this account was also a spoofer. I'll look into it and will rectify the situation. Please be patient with us, we are just human after all.

  • Can you please try to dig deeply and check who asked for restoration and I bet it's owner of spoof accounts? He is laughing at this system and completely ruining game in Vilnius.

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    I know who asked for the restore, and I highly doubt they are the owner of the spoofer account.

    I found the links destroyed on comms and added them in.

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  • @NianticThia Two more fake accounts banned in Milan within 24 hours last we. Reporting on Ingress is turning in a freaking job both for players and VG, who probably didn't commit to the community for being used as reporting machines only...

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    This thread was open 8 months ago, what has Niantic done with our feedback since then? I haven't seen any improvements in either support or ancticheat systems.

  • The agent in question has now been banned, fortunately - I think Vanguards got involved and got the decision changed - and so it looks like I'll keep on playing the game :) Please keep improving your anti-cheat systems, though. The game's health really does depend on it more than anything else.

  • ingress support is very useless, spoofer are everywhere,reporting them in ingress support nothing happened, capture portal that normal agents can't capture, super fast movement doesn't affect it, explaining the additional information is still useless, so what's the function of explain this accident?Which is frustrating! So what is the function of this thread? Is there a solution? Bypassing threads and then vanishing without providing a solution to the spoofer problem,very nice :)

    I hate when I see spoofer destroy game I love, keep reporting but still nothing happens :)

  • Agree that Ingress Support is useless. We've had multiple spoof accounts running wild all summer, and since they are careful enough to not move faster than 3.5kph (one player even auto-walked 40km along a road in the middle of nowhere picking up portals) or just log in once a day, nia just closes the ticket doing nothing every time...

    Lately they seem to just close it right away, so i'm probably on an ignore list now. Well, no more CORE from me until they fix the integrity of the game

  • at least niantic should give a reward and appreciation for hard work in helping agents, i hope she always healthy

  • same here, the spoofer accounts trecker medal is unlocked in my area,walking speed like human but randomized captured the portal and create cross link,very very annoying to face them

  • well fast track now almost like lambert 🙄

    closing tickets but nothing happens

    there are so many spoofer cases, they don't seem like they will get banned if you don't report them! even if you report them, nothing happens to the spoofer

  • On an e bike- seems like everyone is spoofing. Lol. Wait, that wasn't helpful or insightful.

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    It has been a while since I reported accounts that use gps spoofing, not because there are no accounts to report, but because it is useless. There are more fake accounts than real to play and the support is not able to distinguish them, in 99.99% of cases it just closes the reports without doing anything... Today I wanted to try to report two accounts both of them used gps spoofing, one has also harassed one of our players in comm the other has a vulgar nick name. Also this time the support did nothing, on the contrary it suspended our player from the comm because he responded to the insults that were made to him... shame, the niantic support is always more ridiculous

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