Feature request: Screens / functionalities when recharging

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Hi all,

I have a suggestion (well a small list of compiled suggestions) that have something to do with the game when you want to recharge portals.

From a user point of perspective it would be nice to have the following in Prime (which will become a plus vs. Redacted):

  • Sort keys based on portal health (show keys from portals with the lowest health first): Maybe 2 types, 1 based on the avarage of all resos and 1 based on any reso with low health
  • Filter keys on portal owner (only show portals you own) or presence (you are not the owner but you do have a resonator or mod in it)
  • Filter keys on faction (only show own faction, opposite faction, no faction)


  • Show directly on the recharge screen who owns the portal
  • And show clearly if / how many / how big of fields are connected to the portal


  • When using up the last PC8 and restocking by taking new ones out of a QC, the already there Lawsons are preselected on recharging again. Please always select the lowest level powercube by default.


  • From the latest AMA:

    Q: DarkEther - How about an option to sort keys by ownership and also lowest health etc.

    A: I personally like these ideas. Our Engineering Team points out that from a technical standpoint it would be quite an expensive and potentially volatile feature. Portal ownership and health can change at a moments notice. So the key data you loaded when you viewed the key may not be current a second later. To keep it updated would require constant pinging of the Portal status. Which, on an individual level may not be an issue. But we have a lot more than one individual playing the game. I’m told there might be some clever ways to address this with the new servers but it still won’t change the fact that as a live real-world game, anything can happen at a moments notice. 

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    Although this is a valid response, I think that real time is not needed.

    It is not realtime now either.

    Just use the health from the moment the keys are loaded. If really needed the user will refresh them anyway

    And for the rest, having the needed info clearly on the screen while recharging would be a big plus

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    The scanner does not know the health of all keys at the moment the keys are loaded. If you go to the key carousel and scroll to a random point on it, you'll have to wait for the scanner to load the health of just those keys you can see.

    Now imagine having to wait for the scanner to load the health of 400 keys when you select the 'sort by health' option. (That's how many keys I have in inventory just now.)

  • I can see your (technical) point of view.

    Still it would be great to have this as a user (hence the suggestion).

    If you have 400+ keys, it might take lets say 10 seconds to load, but even if it takes that long it will save you a lot of time compared to having to scroll trough all the keys to find out if a portal really needs to be recharged....

    I have about 400 keys to "keep an eye on" too :)

    ps. Should I split up the different suggestions I have merged into this one?

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