OP Fields of Independence

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OP Fields of Independence | Oman - Khandwa - Dahanu/Boisar

India was going to celebrate 75 years of independence on 15th August 2022. Resistance Mumbai gave a Tribute to Martyrs who gave us Independence by making 88 gigantic layers amounting to a total of approximately 1048 Million MU.


The plan was initially drawn out by @CONNOR991 for. The Base link was made by @Shubhthegr8 and hence only a few crosses remained as a hurdle to this plan.

Major crosses from Surat were taken down by agent @jaisinghdelhi and another cross from Vapi was taken down by @BigEboy, meanwhile, @CONNOR991 coordinated with them and put some lanes for the layers. 

Keys transfer was already done during the RES meetup, so every agent was well equipped with the keys.

Day of OP:

Agents set up to travel for the destination and later realized a cross was made by an ENL blocking some of our layers. But agents were not ready to stop or delay the plan any further. So @CONNOR991 and @Arshadk786 reviewed and edited the plan. The teams (@CONNOR991 , @Arshadk786, @xxS4ND33Pxx @TheLoneWaIker ) met up at Virar station went over the updated plan, and headed to their respective locations

The first field was layered out by @CONNOR991 gaining a total of 10,830,413 MUs from Water Tank, Narpad, and Dahanu, and thus fielding began. @CONNOR991 along with  @Arshadk786 made 38 more layers. 

Agents @xxS4ND33Pxx and @TheLoneWaIker started the 2nd part of the fielding immediately with TheLoneWalker creating an initial field of 12,160,562 MUs adding 49 more layers along with @xxS4ND33Pxx

The Agents added a total of 1,048,922,035 MUs worth of fields ranging a whopping average of 12,056,575 MUs per field. While most of the fields are still up some of the initial layers were destroyed by local Enl

That's All for today. Keep it BLUE.

#VivaLaResistance #HarGharTiranga #Sitrep #ResistanceMumbai #ResistanceIndia

#FieldsofIndependence #HappyIndependenceDay #15August

Quick Statistics:

Total MU: 1,048,922,035 MUs

Total Feilds: 88

Average MU per Layer: 12,056,575 MUs

Average MU per Agent: 262,230,508 MUs


Team 1: @CONNOR991@CONNOR991 and @Arshadk786

Team 2: @xxS4ND33Pxx and @TheLoneWaIker

Per Agent Statistics:

@CONNOR991: 221,195,823 MUs

@Arshadk786 : 199,244,843 MUs

@xxS4ND33Pxx : 301,632,285 MUs

@TheLoneWaIker : 326,849,084 MUs

Plan By: @CONNOR991

Reviewing and Editing: @CONNOR991 and @Arshadk786

Cross Clearing: @jaisinghdelhi, @BigEBoy 

Laning: @CONNOR991

Base Link: @Shubhthegr8

Key transfer:

@FarhanK786 and @Shubhthegr8

FieldsofIndependence #HappyIndependenceDay #15August

SITREP : @xxS4ND33Pxx & @CONNOR991

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