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  • I have no idea how WEB3 and NFTs have anything to do with Ingress, so quite willing to keep an open mind and watch for developments on this. AFAIK Web3 is all about distributed decentralized apps and NFTs are "Emperors New Clothes", a great way to extract money from those who have too much, only a really special person would see the value in that digital token you have that proves you own a unique art work...

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    Brian!!!!! First give us a normal community manager who will communicate with us on the forum. Then fix bugs and translations in the game. and only then Think about the introduction of new advanced technologies.

    And stop this

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    @NianticBrian considering the fact that Ingress has been using NTNFTs for years now.

    I am curious about how blockchains will assist with the longer term.

    There are several other games utilizing crypto as a medium between in game currency and real world currency, this seems inevitable as the push towards the "metaverse" continues. This is a serious concern, both in security and prevention of bad actors gaming any game for financial gain through crypto.

    I am on the fence about it, I see it useful, and I see it as evil.

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    Web3 isn't just NFTs though. I don't get the deal here because it's making assumptions and wanting to have Niantic do a statement on something where it's SpotX Games really venturing into the territory.

    it wasn't long ago that the Ingress servers (or still are?) mitigated to use finally use some of the Lightship functionality. I really doubt Niantic will want to even apply anything of web3 on their current assets.

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    Niantic already use a blockchain, it just isn't exposed to outside of Niantic's servers.

    Badges and passcodes are already Non-transferable Non Fungible Tokens.

    It is just where Niantic is sitting to utilize the full suite of just certain elements of web 3.

    I doubt that they would go fully crypto.

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    Capital funding has nothing to do with profitability. It's the gas Niantic was given to put in the tank and try to make their products profitable. If you can't be profitable, you cease to exist. You wouldn't go to work 40 hours a week for a company who then turns around and says "sorry, we aren't giving you anything back for your time investment. In fact, we need you to give us more time now." The investors put in money on the HOPE they'll get return on investment. Venture capital is a whole different world.

    TBH, they could have an IPO, but then Ingress would 100% be axed when outside investors have a direct say.

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    NFTs aside... I always thought using blockchain to supplement Ingress/Niantic would be interesting. What if you created a blockchain which players could participate in, which assisted in doing calculations and management of the portal network? How about processing all of the AR photos everyone keeps submitting? As players offer up computing resources to Niantic, reward them with in-game items/currency/etc. Utilize this to reduce cloud compute costs in your Google Cloud datacenter, therefore making things more profitable.

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  • NIANTIC has the means and knowledge for a metaverse

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    lol i still have the media for this tessara, and i was the first to get it 😜.

  • I read too much misinformation about nft, NIANTIC blockchain for what I investigated is the only company that would have access to a metaverse has been leading the world in 3d for years, now he is surprised , about metaverse was reported a while ago through a video

  • If Niantic goes down this path, they will turn into another Polium One

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    Pokemon Go players do all of that while also directly spending money in game. They don't need Ingress anymore.

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    To give a response that's not just reactionary:

    NFTs as a concept aren't useless, but they currently haven't been put to use in places it makes sense. They are simply a token/contract.

    The places that have done their legal homework have them implemented in a very restrictive way, such as viewing something in a collection like as with the NBA and now an Anime company in Japan offering exclusive or higher resolution viewing. This is done this way as it removes copyright from the picture, you're just given a token to see the collection on their website.

    The other complication is the blockchain: be it how resource demanding the blockchain is with energy, the speculative nature of the blockchain being used as the underlying host of the contract, and the capability of the network doing the calculations of the blockchain to handle minting and transactions (see what happened with eth and "gas" prices during a large volume). So if Niantic wishes to go this route it is important they do their homework.

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    I already pay cash to offset my Ingress driving CO2 emissions, I don't want to have to pay more for NFT transaction emissions I want no part of.

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    The majority of Pokémon GO players don’t do scans and those that do aren’t providing “good scan data”.

    I’m not sure how much in general they care about updating the database with correct titles, new photos etc. either.

    So long as they’ve got a stop they can spin from their couch, many are happy and not contributing in other ways.

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    I understand Ingress is probably under the foot of angry investors because it's not doing as well as pogo (because pogo is running on a hype/nostalgia that exists because someone else put effort into it over decades and because it includes a classic addictive element of gambling) and the crypto/investment scheme seems like a promising source of quick money. But it's disgusting to talk about it is as some kind of futuristic opportunity when all it is is just exploiting agents and nature for speculative quick gain.

    Cryptomoney & especially NFT's are a massive problem for the environment right now, until humanity comes up with a non-pollutive infinite source of power and until we figure how to make more efficient computers with less material & recycle the old. The blockchain technology is not going to be optimized in the same volume as it's usage at this rate is increasing right now.

    What are we going to explore and be inspired about in the outdoors if it's destroyed?

    Environment damage is not the only issue, there is a big moral problem in trying to slide the player base to accept the existence of get-rich-quick schemes and normalizing that games include exploitative features like gambling. Loot boxes were a big talking point some time back and for a good reason, gambling is regulated in many parts of the world because it's known to exploit and harm people, especially people in weaker social positions are vulnerable. You cannot claim to support minorities if you are planning to include exploitative features, so quit placing around rainbow xm and be honest with your intentions instead.

    Not to mention that games that include gambling / trading items for speculative financial gain simply feel like ****, they are always unfair to someone, which takes away from the experience.

    Third thing is that while there is some actual thought and potential with blockchain & cryptocurrencies in the future (just not right now), NFT's are a **** joke, the NFT in a blockchain only contains a link which's contents are hosted on a regular server, whoever owns the server can change that special owned item to a picture of poop.

    I probably didn't cover all the issues, because there are a lot and I have no energy to write more or more precisely. I'm sure the party who makes the decisions know what they're dealing with.


    Ingress has been constantly trying to slide in problematic features and it's tiring. The community and core game itself is amazing and valuable, I would prefer to just pay a solid fee to keep it as is (why isn't core enough? can you not just rise the price?). But it's clear the intentions of the owners are not about providing the best game.

    Niantic needs to give a proper statement whenever this is being pushed forwards with or not, as it's a question of uninstalling & quitting the game or not. And I guess if no statement is given, I will quit the game by the end of the year.

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