No more support from Nia In Golf-03 after superposition end

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From year the Milan cell is ruined by fake. For years we try to get support from Nia, and after 2 years Nia start to help us. The strange things is.that during the superposition event, the fake and the field was immediately banned and recovered. Now that the event end, no more support from Nia, and the procedure get very longer and now a fake is not banned from 24 hour. Can I ask explanation? Why this can happen? Why naintic disappear from golf-03 after event ends? The same portal, the same fielda as during the event.


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    I see nothing wrong in your cell, everything is drive up and accessible. For superposition fields were dropped before the event because measurements were based off how much score was different between the previous cycle and the measured cycle. I do see Res however publicly accusing players of trespassing in COMMs which they probably shouldn't do.

  • You see very bad in my opinion. We play against fake from years. Please don't minimize this topic, and if is all ok, I don't think niantic restore the field 3 times in a week. The field is the same as during the event, and since the event end now in not important anymore?

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    It's worth remembering that not all spoofers are the same. Those that get banned immediately would have been easily flagged. Others take longer.

    Resets are also not automatic. They can only be logged once the account is banned. I recall this portal being the work portal of a local ENL player?

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    Because they do not seriously care about anti-spoofing WHEN there are no ongoing events there. When there is an XMA, specific employee (very likely contractors) will be assigned to manage that area. In terms of daily operations...can only fall back to the long reporting queue managed by insufficient customer support agents and if the player got reported does not have low CAL score it's hard to get him banned.

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    XMA have nothing to do with "managing an area". No player does. And no, Ingress doesn't have enough employees to assign to an area to monitor it.

  • Dear Nysyr,

    I would like to know how do you know that all portals are easy to drive up and accessible (I have never seen you play in the area). Well to give some context here: we are talking about a specific portal (you can find different posts in the forum regarding it), which is inside a military base and is attacked frequently by spoofers, usually around level 5 or 6, since it is inaccessible (usually, almost all of the vertices of ENL static fields are/have been spoofed also the most accessible ones). During the superposition event, the NR01-GOLF-03 was selected as one of the connected cell and we were attacked by spoofers (2 or 3 times). In all cases, NIA restored the fields within the next CP.

    The new account in question is, like always, level 6, and was able to destroy the inaccessible portal inside the military base. Regarding trespassing and all kind of accusations like stalking are thrown (the relationship between the two factions are not very good so a lot of random accusations are thrown, unfortunately).

    Dear Azhreia,

    You are correct the portal in question is the work portal of an agent who used to play ingress, he does not play anymore so we were hoping for a reset (as you mentioned after the player gets banned).

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    The anchors of the relevant scoring area are all drive up and on google street view with the google car, there are no military bases in the area.

    Also restricted area portals garner zero sympathy from me. If your entire gameplan is one single portal in a base then your team is lazy.

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    Keep making up. Everyone who has the experience of reporting knows that there is significant difference between whether there is an ongoing XMA or not, regarding how fast and effectively their reports will be reviewed and handled.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    Ok please define XMA. Is that the XM Ambassador players or are you referring to an event type? And whose reports are you referring to?

  • You are a bit opinionated to think you know our area better than we do. We play every day and you want to know better using Google maps? Come here, and see with your eyes, please.

    But what you say makes no sense since niantic restore the same portal during the event. I don't want to think that Nia makes difference gameplay wrt ongoing event or not.

    And if you are able to read a cell score, you should be notice that on 20M or more of Mu less than 50% is hold by that portal. We drive and use money, climb on mountains, and see that for a fake we throw away our money, is a little bit annoyng. Like your inappropriate comment here. Like the Nia behaviour. So lazy we aren't, we need response from Nia to how solve this Problem since they demonstrate that is possible to solve.

    Maybe you are lazy since you surrend for a restricted area portal.

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    No need to monitor, but there are bunch of solutions to improve this aspect. Why, if the same portal is destroyed by spoofers every week (more or less), we have always to do the whole procedure? The timing is crucial, and In this way you are doing the spoofers interest. Why during event those are spoofer for sure and when event is ended the spoofer is not banned after 3 days?

    Since ingress has not enough employee, has ingress team search for a solution? This is an ingress problem, not an agent problem and in some way it has to be mitigated, but "leave the player alone" is not a good choice, in my opinion. For example, where this Problem arise, could be a solution to select a local agent that has a preferred channel to Nia. I say this because the timing is the key: if a spoofer see niantic restore immediately the field, I'm sure he think 2/3/4 time the next time before doing those action and loose time.

    Thanks for listen to me.

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  • Well, it seems that you put more time into writing this comment of two lines rather than researching 😅. We do not need your sympathy or care about your opinion on us (being lazy of whatever), the intention of the post was not to get opinions regarding the players who play here but rather another one, maybe your research can help you also in finding the purpose of this post but this time try to dedicate more time in researching 😉.

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    This post talks about XM Anomaly. Why need to define "XMA"?

    This post talks about anti-spoofing reports. Why need to define "whose reports"?

    I see zero chance that anyone will get confused or feel ambiguous here, or even associate it with XM Ambassadors who are simply players.

    As it sounds too strange, have to doubt if it's a new strategy to drive the topic away.

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    As one of the "returned to Ingress" players, please allow me to share my thougts.

    Last years i see significant decrease in number of players, and significant increase of the "strange activity" of few that utilize game mechanics against players that still prefer "fair play" rules.

    One of the examples mentioned above, a portal inside military airfield. Let's clarify, its not "gated military" base where friends and family with kids may have access, it's freaking military airport. Attempt to gain access to this kind of portal impose imminent danger to all players trying to access the location cause military personnel is authorized to use **** force. Legitimacy of such portal in game is another question, but it's clearly contradict with the statement like, quote: "I see nothing wrong in your cell, everything is drive up and accessible."

    One of the team use this portal as the "cornerstone" for multilayered fields that covering one of the major European cities. Quote from this thread: "You are correct the portal in question is the work portal of an agent who used to play ingress, he does not play anymore so we were hoping for a reset (as you mentioned after the player gets banned)."

    So the question is, how it's still used, and how the portal is still in game?

    Of course, the team "may work" on another vertices, but there is another strange thing: Multiple portals with time restricted access (For example Gated Municipality Parks, closed by city durning night, still "accessible" for some players, and often flipped or used when closed to public. More than that, such activity is made not only for "spoofing" accounts but some have courage to use main accounts to provide legitimacy to such activity.

    From my experience as global player of ingress, (i still have collections of the keys from China, middle east, Russia and most of European capitals, and so on), Ingress is great game when you play fair. The game helped me to made almost 2000km on bicycle just in 2022, enjoy to travel with family (they play too) and visit great places... but currently there is no "fair play" and "competition" in Milano cell. You can clearly see it on the stats.

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    This post is not about the portal, is about the spoofers. Please do not go out of topic, thanks.

    If you want to discuss another time the validity of Cameri portal, do your own post, please.

  • I fully agree with you. Spoofers should be banned. Fully inaccessible portals (24/7/365) should be deleted, or at least reset to neutral state.

    What do you think, fair enough?

    P.S. Portal is neutral now. I that acceptable for you?

  • It's not the right place to discuss about it, Nia decide and after year Nia decide not to delete it. Write to Nia, not to me in this thread. We had about 70 account of spoofer ruined the game, and most of them are not on this portal. Is not the portal the topic here. Do your own post, and talk there about that portal. Please, and thanks.

  • I am not talking about THE portal [that should not exist]. Because access to this area only allowed for military personal or special permission of Airbase Command. It was clear mistake at the early portal submission and lack of Nia effort to enforce own rules, abused by some players "that worked there and not play anymore".

    How you can explain portal flipping at the middle of the night in other restricted areas. And not only by some bogus "lvl 6" accounts but under "fully legitimate accounts" and Nia do nothin about it, despite open tickets, clear time-stamping, and all information required.

    We talking here return interest to play in this 5 million population cell, that somehow bigger by population count than some European countries?

    I fully support your intentions to draw NIA attention to Golf-03 cell, and not only to illegitimate portals according to own NIA rules, but to player population trends and actions of specific players that ruined the cell "fair play".

    BTW, this place called "HOME› INGRESS COMMUNITY FORUMS› GENERAL", by all means it the place for general discussion of the community of Ingress players. Why you disallow me to speak here, strictly on topic? I not writing to or for you, i still believe that we have some kind of general discussion that touching Golf-03 (and probably not only) community problems.

    I fully support your intention to ask Nia to take closer look and provide support to Golf-03. To escalate issues to upper ranks if needed, and not only "flip inaccessible portal" on witch "all gameplay of my team" in Golf-03 relay on.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    It really really irks me that:

    "No new military bases waypoints" rule is overridden by "Oh this one snuck through by mistake so now we're going to let it exist".

    ^ This is the opinion on official Wayfarer forum by Niantic staff after we appealed a new military base portal.

  • Same with portals that aren't eligible in the first place but also don't meet the removal criteria...

  • You say "I'm not talking about the portal" and you talk about the portal. But...What are you saying, please... You won the cell with a spoofer for years and that portal is never being a problem Lol... And now you talk about interest in play? Pfff... Is ridiculous. Thanks to go off topic, illogico. Last things: you lose 14M against less than 1M also without the field on military airport... And you faction continue to.say "whitout that portal you don't win"... I would say that since your player has been banned for the 4th time, you never win a cicle, maybe also a CP anymore. Thanks again, I close here the discussion as it become useless w.r.t. the initial concept. Bye

  • Great, at least we reached consensus at first point of discussion. you don't need the illegitimate portal to win. So let's ask Nia to delete portals inside military airfield, or at least let's keep the portals neutral.

    Now, let's continue our discussion. Please do not leave.

    How you can explain that some portals flipping by night in time restricted areas (closed by gates with locks, etc.)? (by your fraction, btw). As I mentioned above, even by main accounts? Do you plan to petition Nia to ban these accounts?

    Time restricted areas, is great feature of the game, you need to have some planning, timing, etc. But the statement valid only in the case that both fractions follow same rules.

    I believe if one of the cells (Golf-03 for example) can agree to the set of the rules for fair play, it will be good example to whole community.

  • It seems to me that you yourself reached the portal you complained about on a day when the base was open.

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