What was promised vs what happened

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2019: Niantic: We hear you, we'll give you more notice about anomalies.

2019: Niantic: Here's anomalies with 6 months notice

2019: Players: Finally, Niantic listened to us on something!

2020: Niantic: Here's another anomaly, just one in the world.

2020: Players: w t f, what about players not in Europe.

2020: Anomaly postponed. Covid, nobopdy's fault.

2022: We're re-announcing the Munich anomaly, in 3 months.

2022: Players: You promised us more time, and these rules are terrible and designed to milk us for money.

2022: Niantic: "We hear your concerns" - but we don't care.

2022: Players: *many people arranage to fly to munich from all over the world to make sure they don't miss an anomaly series*

2022: Niantic: , We're just going to make it worse for the attendees by making it easier for just about anyone to get the badge.

2022: Players: *sigh*

2022: Niantic: We're announcing more anomalies in the same series. All over the world. Oh and you have less than a month's notice.

2022: Players: WTAF. How are we supposed to organise the massive effort that goes in from the teams, in less than a month. Flight prices will already be too high, hotel prices will be too high as the time is too close, and people will already have plans. This will be a disaster.

2022 soon: Anomalies with terrible short notice are badly attended

2022 soon: Niantic: Nobody likes anomalies. No more anomalies.

Niantic, Ingress isn't dying, you're killing it. As a player of 8 years, who has played the game on 3 continents, let me tell you about your game and its players.

1) We understand you need to make money on Ingress. Thats one of the reasons many of us have core. Not cos we want monthly kit boosts of useless ITO items, but because we want to support the game we love

2) We don't want it dumbed down. Your player base is problem solvers and competitive players. We want it to be tough. We don't want to have everything handed to us on a plate. We want it to be tough to win. If we wanted dumbed down, we'd go to PoGo. We haven't.

3) Anomalies aren't for you to make money. They are for you to keep your players engaged. Your most dedicated players love anomalies - proper anomalies, not the munich abboration - and we want them to happen. And when we go to them, we remember we love the game and we play more, WHICH makes you the money. Anomalies are what keep the rest of the game going. Throwing in barriers and de-valuing anomalies is what will ki ll Ingress. Absolutely guaranteed.

4) You don't need to do anything for anomalies. Stop organising expensive afterparties and flying people all round the world, and then complaining they're too expensive. What the players want are as follows: 6 months notice of sites. 12 or 18 anomalies, spread around the world. Announce FUN rules, not rules that make us buy battle beacons. The rest, we'll do. We'll organise the parties, we'll organise the teams, we'll make it a fun experience for players. This costs you NOTHING except maybe a little extra server capacity in places.

In return for these things, I can promise you, Ingress will keep on running and making you a modest profit for years to come.

If you ignore your players, they'll go away. Please please pay attention to what we're saying. We're trying to save the game here.

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