Store items are still in attack carousel

I thought this was an anomaly special or something along those lines , but it appears that store items have not gone away from attack- and deploy-carousels.

@NianticBrian if this is a decision you’ve made, it’s terrible! Please communicate with the developers to remove the store-items from attack and deploy carousels. You want to make people want to play Ingress Prime, not make them frustrated with terrible decisions regarding crippling the UX. If people need to buy resonators and xmps, they will go to the STORE which is a logical place to buy items from!

If this is a bug, and I truly hope it is, please fix it ASAP.

Ingress Prime 2.96.2, iOS 15.6, iPhone 13 pro 256gb

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  • We're exploring ways to address fast scrolling, for example having a quick swipe land on your highest Level Resonator and not the promoted Store item in the Deploy carousel. Thank you for your feedback; this is an intentional change we announced in June:

  • Sorry NIA, this is NOT an improvement for players. Only for you to improve trying to make ppl spend more money. Please remove it.

    Thank you

  • daawgdaawg ✭✭✭

    Not only that, it’s a particularly _bad_ attempt at trying to make people spend more money, since people are generally likely less to pay for anything if they are annoyed and force fed with stuff like this. Store items belong to the store, not where they interfere with regular gameplay.

  • - let core subscribers choose to turn these offers off. this could be visible in a greyed out area for free players. (maybe add some other core-only-qol-settings, like... animations, effects or even other overlays or color schemes)

    - when scrolling to the highest resonators, stop the carousel on the highest resonator, not on the offer.


    - let resonators give a spin while deploying, making them super sticky (add a small chance to be missed by xmp bursts and let them wiggle in the resonator slot the whole time)

    - let these super useless mods (turrets and force amps) merge in kinetic programs with power cubes that heal the portal automatically from decay or attacks and also supercharge the zaps.

    - add some awesomeness to the game to gain more players instead adding shittyness to harvest your few remaining players. (more players will increase the sales)

  • MxxMxx ✭✭✭✭

    This is a disgusting and predatory change!

    If people want to buy items they will go to the store to buy them! There's 0 justification to have it shoved in our faces and rely on accidental purchases!

    This must be removed from the game! Not "explore other options" how to make it tolerable!


  • MxxMxx ✭✭✭✭

    You shoved store into main menu.

    You then shoved store into category carousel.

    Now you are trying to shove it into inventory carousel.

    Have you ever stopped to wonder that maybe people don't buy from your store not because they can't find it 🙄 but because what you are selling is not worth buying? Have you considered that the CMU amounts you charge are unjustifiable?

    Have you considered that people don't want to deal with CMU currency? If you want to sell items, list prices in real money amounts.

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