Consideration of contributions in Wayfarer for many months

Hey Niantic.

For more than three months now, I have been waiting for a response to some of my applications for the creation of portals. Every time the status of an application in the "Contributions" tab changes from "In queue" to "In voting" and there is a Niantic icon next to it, I lose all hope that my application will be considered. As far as I understand, such applications are considered specifically by the company, and not by the players, and much more time is spent from that time. However, I don't understand, if you don't have enough time or hands to look at them all, why take that opportunity away from the players? It is noteworthy that 2 of my more than 30 applications were voted on by real players and both of them were approved within a few days.

I note that this is not an isolated case. For many other players from Ukraine, the same thing happens - people are waiting for answers to their applications for several months.

Kindly, please give a clear answer regarding this situation: what is the reason for such a long consideration of applications and how soon will this be fixed?

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