Operation Green Pakistan: Becoming a Billionaire

While traveling though Pakistan, I managed to create a total of over 3.4B MU and adding over 1.1B MU to the global enlightened MU count for 17 consecutive checkpoints!

Planning and preparation

For months, I've been planning to go to Pakistan for vacation. An unusual destination for most, but that's what excites me. Getting to know new terrain, cultures and people.

After booking my trip, I started looking at Intel to see if there was any field potential along the way. I came in contact with Faliq. An Enlightened agent from Lahore. I explained the plan to him, and he wanted to help. He arranged the necessary keys and pulled Junaid2001 from Karachi into the operation as well.

The plan was to get the keys to Karachi and from there create fields to Lahore and the south-west of Saudi Arabia. Later travel to Lahore to build portals together with Faliq and create fields to those from Gilgit. The plan was made and preparation has started.

The SBUL needed for this OP I gathered through the help of my home community in the Netherlands. Faliq started farming keys in Lahore and put the keys of Saudi Arabia in Quantum Capsules. Throughout the months, I was monitoring every link being created in the Middle East that might impact us. Contacting agents from the UAE, Oman, India and Saudi Arabia.

The last step was to get the keys from Faliq in Lahore to Junaid in Karachi. Key transport seems like a fairly easy task, but this turned out to be a disaster. There are barely any active players in Pakistan, and so we couldn't find a way to transport the keys for months. Faliq had come with an alternative solution. Go to the bus station and recruit a traveler going to Karachi to help us out. Faliq made a card and went to the bus station to try his luck. For two nights in a row, he couldn't find anyone to help us. But on day 3 we found someone. A man named Khalid who would go to Karachi in the coming days. Being just in time for delivering the keys to Karachi before I would leave.


On June 18th I arrived in Karachi. We still hadn't heard from Khalid if he made it to Karachi. Without any keys, we started the operation by building the portals for linking. I met up with Junaid2001, and we spend the day building the portals, exchanging veteran ingress stories and eating local food. The portals were build, but still not a word from Khalid.

Next day we get a message from Khalid. He ran into some issues and was not able to go to Karachi. This meant no keys and no fields. Although we were sad, there were still fields to be made from Lahore to Gilgit to Saudi Arabia.

After a long 17-hour train ride (with two hours delay) I made it from Karachi to Lahore. Though not in state. Food poisoning had hit me. Faliq and his wife NaFaz started building the portals in Lahore, while I was stuck in the hotel for the day. Next day, I was able to go out with the help of some medicine, and completed building the portals together with Faliq.

Next up was another long ride. A 15-hour bus ride to Gilgit. The overnight ride through the mountain passages was horrible. The bus was shaking like crazy, and I managed to only get a couple of hours of sleep. Waking up the next day, the view from the window was beautiful. I made it to Gilgit and next day I headed to the airport (right next to my hotel) to create the fields at last.

There were still a couple of issues though. There was one green blocker coming from Abu Dhabi. I got in contact with enlightened agent Hawzer in advance, and he would take the portal down as soon as I was ready. The other issue was a bit more difficult though. For the link range, I would need at least a level 7 portal. This was on the June 29th, one day before the double level 7 resonator deploy per agent would disappear. I deployed 2 VRLA, 1 R8 and 2 R7 and used an ADA on the portal. Now all I had to do was recruit a new agent and make him JARVIS the portal back, so I can upgrade. Meeting and talking to locals was certainly not hard here, especially given I've been in Pakistan for almost 2 weeks at this point. I managed to find someone to download the game and help me out.

The portal was flipped, the first links from Lahore were created, and Hawzer removed the blocker. I started linking from the portal and managed to get the first 7 layers up. The result: 7 fields of 50M MU each totalling 350M MU! The next day, Faliq managed to complete the rest of the links from Lahore and I created the remaining fields. A total of 23 fields totalling over 1.1B MU were up, but this was not enough for me. I still had keys left over, so I made a risky move and deployed a battle beacon. With 4 flips by the battle beacon, I was able to create another 23 fields and after that 22 fields (missed one key...). In total, I created 3.4B MU and 1.1B MU.

After creating the fields, I continued my travel plans in the north of Pakistan and came back three days later on Sunday to take down the fields. This was coordinated with Hawzer to restore the links from Abu Dhabi to defend the Persian Gulf. At this point the fields went through 17 checkpoints.

My apologies to all UAE players for having the field cover the country during the First Saturday. We forgot about the event and the implications of the field during the event. We hope you don't mind and enjoyed the fields over the countries any way :)

And finally: thank you, Pakistan!

This vacation is one never to forget. Not only for this insane Ingress operation, but also the experiences I've had in the country itself. The people I've met were incredibly nice and friendly, including my new friends Faliq and Junaid. The country's beauty that I've discovered throughout these weeks is one I can definitely recommend to anyone.


  • FaliqFaliq ✭✭

    It was our pleasure to be part of operation. Asked my spouse's consent to give company in this harsh weather and she was always ready to my surprise. Spent quality time and played Ingress. Thanks for stirring up the things in Pakistan. Food poisoning did ruin many plans. We are glad that your stay here was memorable & fun and we hope things will be much better next time as border was missed.

  • FaliqFaliq ✭✭

    And many thanks to agent Visualism in Saudia who managed the keys for Water Tower and collective efforts of ENL team for maintaining that portal and for UAE team to mobilize the keys in past.

  • DhrMekmekDhrMekmek ✭✭✭

    Owh, that is where my SBUL's went :) Awesome fields, and awesome cooperation!

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2022

    Isn't this wintrading? Without a res agent you would not have been able to make that MU... plus I presume handing them virus...

    Amazing trip though.

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  • My understanding is they recruited an ENL agent, probably helped them level up to L2 or L3 and had them flip the portal back to green. Doesn't sound like wintrading, more like creative recruiting.

    Amazing story OP, what a journey!

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    The only way I can see it could be done is:

    Enl agent deploys 8 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 add two mods, then ADA

    Res agent upgrades to 8 8 7 7 7 7 6 6 - Adds remaining mods

    Enl agent Jarvis portal.

  • NysyrNysyr ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2022

    If you don't deploy anything other than 8s plus one 7, a level 4 agent (takes like 10 minutes with apex) can return a portal with 8 8 8 8 8 7, then you can add 8 7, for 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 as an example.

    Level 1 agent would be able to flip 8 7 7 when r7x2 was around, then he could upgrade to 8 8 7 7 7 7 6 6

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes but that's not what sitrep said...

  • OP deploys 877 and 2 mods, then uses ADA.

    One hour later, lvl 2 (or would it be 3?) ENL recruit uses Jarvis. OP then deploys 87766 and 2 remaining mods for an 88777766 lvl7 portal.

    The faction of your recruit doesn't really matter, all they do is use a Jarvis. But why not recruit for your faction?

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