Scout Controlled portal indicator disappears when a portal is edited

Above is a situation where a portal does not show that it has been scout controlled, but when going into the portal information, it shows that I'm the Scout Controller. This usually occurs when a portal's location has been moved (it was previously in the middle of the road).

There is no way to get the indicator ring to return on the portal unless I become Scout Controller again (which means that someone else has to take scout controller away from me before I can outscan them again).

To reproduce the issue:

  1. Scout control a portal.
  2. Edit its location and wait for it to sync a day after the edit is approved (not sure if description/title edits also clear the indicator)
  3. Go back to said portal and notice the ring is gone.

The other minor details don't really matter, but for your record, this is on a Pixel 6, Android, version 2.94.1 (it's been a long-term issue for a while now) and I can be connected on anything 4G/5G/Wi-Fi and clearly reproduce this issue.

It's quite annoying to see a portal that doesn't have a ring on it for scout controller and knowing you really can't do anything about it. Please address.

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