Don'tBanEquality - Stand up to your word inside the game too, please!

ChamyraChamyra ✭✭✭

Just a few days ago Niantic as a company took a stance for women's rights to their own body, for equality, on social media, like facebook or twitter, and even signed the dontbanequality letter. I am very happy about it, women, people with uteruses, all over the world need every support they can get in that matter.

But why does this support stops inside Niantics own game? Why do we get flowery depictions of women's internal parts in missions rejected for 

" Defamatory text or image

Primary intention of trolling, harassment, abuse, attack or ridicule

Inappropriate images (including curse words/obscenity)"

A lung, a liver and neither an uterus is obscene! This is ridicule and belittleing again, this time at another basis though, this time inside your own game, Niantic. Please consider your stance on this. Stay true to your support of women. Thank you!



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