Portal was moved, after this portal is a new UPC, UPV, Uscout

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Afternoon, a portal was moved in my area, which I already visited multiple times before the move, capped and scout controlled. After location edit of the portal, portal was a new Unique portal, for capture, visit and scout controller.

I don’t think this should be the case.

I visited the portal for a hack, that’s the reason why it’s not a UPV anymore

On the explorer counter there is no change after the visit today, so all in all it looks like a graphics bug.

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  • This is a known 'quirk' of the UPC system.

    1. UPC/UPV are recorded as a hashed key with your player ID and the portal's GUID. Therefore no matter where the portal moves, the hash doesn't change.
    2. The region display of portals that have been captured is recorded in a Lat/Long/Player ID table.
    3. When the layer is loaded, portals that fall "within" the displayed area are retrieved based on their lat/lng. Each portal that matches a lat/lng in the table is marked with a circle (red or purple).

    What this means is that a portal will not be marked as captured or visited if it moves, until you visit/capture it again. However, when you do, it won't count as a new UPC/UPV because the portal's GUID is already recorded against you.

    It's basically a "known issue/can't fix" in how they were able to implement the display layer.

  • thanks for the quick response

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