Ban appeal for [redacted]

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again about the ENL linkstar yesterday in a closed parc in Antwerp (Middelheim).

Just like there is no reason to ban [redacted] , [redacted], [redacted] there should be no reason for banning Beul80.

Working your way into a closed parc, by telling a small lie to a guard about a lost key, is not spoofing....

If it would be considered trespassing (it is not), it is surly not a reason for a ban. Where is the 1 2 3 step program for that? I reported several players in the past about trespassing, never had any reaction. never applied even step 1

If a vanguard is playing with the impacted team, he is surly biased in his opinion and emotions go high

Please reverse the decisions and lift the ban of these players.

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  • Totally agree Thank for your post

  • I'm not approving , but Beul80 knowing he is brazen enough to really have entered the park.

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