Superposition Anomaly Medal (what the...?)



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    Rucking for intel hasn't been a thing for years now. Please try to make your objections reality-based.

    That's a serious misunderstanding of GORUCK events and/or participants. The hardcore rucking agents barely pay attention to normal anomaly play, because they're showing up for the rucking events and medals. Urban Ops is traditionally held during the anomaly window, so requiring TKOs to interact with battle beacons would actually be more Ingress action than normally required for them.

    Superposition Munich is a six-medal weekend (anomaly, OPR Live, Mission Day, 3 GORUCK medals). Plenty of people are going to show up for that.

    I can't even figure out what "real anomaly" you guys are missing. Anomalies have always been mostly shards and "fighting over designated portals." Battle beacons are just the new version of "fighting over designated portals."

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    Literally nothing stopping people from organizing recharging rooms -- beacon battles and preserving shard paths can both benefit from recharging. If the problem is that your locals won't recharge without a free medal, have the room organizer buy 10 beacons and launch them afterwards. (Recharging counts as beacon battle participation, also, but hard to guarantee an agent distributed random keys will get 10 battles without having local beacons.)

    Literaly nothing stopping teams from having remote op coordinators, either.

    I swear, the biggest problem with this community is the old-timers who refuse to think any new thoughts about how to play the game. If the anomaly isn't exactly the format of their favorite anomaly, they starting screaming "Calvinball!" and insisting Ingress is ruined forever.

    Grow up and adapt, people!

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    Mod please delete this post.

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    In the case of recharge rooms it means that I'm fighting not just against the people who have traveled to the site and are on the ground with me but also against an unknown, unverifiable number of people who are sitting at home on their couches. It's not fun to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to an event and then compete directly against a bunch of people who stayed home. (Here come a lot of dislikes... people like staying at home and getting anomaly badges for it.)

    In this case what I'm hearing is that it's not fair for people to get the anomaly badge unless they travel to the event or sit at home and recharge. I have some sympathy for the people who think that the badge for the first anomaly in over two years should be special, but it's not like the people who are on site are having the badge taken away from them. I wonder how many of the people complaining have anomaly badges that came from recharge rooms, shards, connected cells, or they got the Initio badge for buying a T-shirt...

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    Yeah I wrote d i v v y up the keys and d i v v y is not allowed apparently....

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    Look - the badge IS awesome and all. They mark your profile like a diary. Yes it is a bit elitist - but let's face it, apart from locals and people from surrounding towns, ANYONE who travels 100's or 1000's of km to play is also going to be a bit that way. Casual players for the most part, won't travel too far.

    But yeah the biggest thrill of attending is the battle and the before and after parties, possibly uniques for some and the thrill you get from having so many players in one spot.

    Battle Beacon on the ground anomaly is just not what people were chasing when we can also battle beacon at home. Also - I think people are pretty tired of battle beacons, the gameplay is just too simplistic.

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    Well, to be honest I was fully expecting the anomaly to be mostly battle-beacons. They created them to “guide” the portal battles.

    Even the past two anomalies were actual anomalies. A change from normal gameplay; or an “anomaly”, is fine this way; I already accepted that. But the fact that any agent can participate in battle beacons anywhere and get the anomaly “badge”, is silly.

    I might still go for the mission day, but the other activities are a no for me. Especially the ridiculous fees for the OCF etc.

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