agent profile link broken (or useless at best)

Ingress 2.92

Android 12

Pixel 6 Pro

I go to my profile.

Click the new "chain link" icon next to the upload / copy stats button

Select "Copy". it's a long link that starts with https(colon)(slash)(slash)

== two different scenarios from here ==

==scenario 1==

paste that link into chrome on android.

expected: i should see my profile

actual: it takes me to the google play store, for ingress prime, with a button to "install on more devices"

==scenario 2==

paste that link into a chrome on a windows 10 laptop

expected: i should see my profile

actual: redirects to https(colon)(slash)(slash) which says "NOT FOUND" and "The requested URL /agent/GorillaSapiens was not found on this server."


I don't understand this. either this is broken, or it is working as intended and does nothing useful that anyone would ever actually want to do.

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