[Portal Scans UX issue] Location of "Retake" button causes accidental portal scan loss

suysuy ✭✭✭

As you can see in these two screenshots, the vertical distance from the bottom of the screen is about the same for the "end scan early" button and the "retake" button. When ending a scan manually after the red stop button becomes enabled, sometimes the scan will automatically end before you can manually hit the red button and then, because the game has switched to the "upload now/upload later/retake" menu, your finger lands on the "retake" button, resulting in the loss of the scan that you just took.

This has happened to me numerous times while scanning and is a regular source of headache.

My proposed fix for this problem is to add a confirmation prompt to the "retake" button

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  • I had this happen once or twice too.

  • I had this happen 7 times in the last week. 3 times at the same portal. This is frustrating.

  • I have also had this happen.

  • I have encountered this issue many times. It is unpredictable how long after the red stop button appears will the screen transition to the retake/upload now/upload later screen. It is frustrating after a good scan to lose it to 'retake'....

  • Wilde76AWilde76A ✭✭✭

    Agree, strongly this has happened to me several times during the event.

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, very annoying. And the thing is, when I press the stop button it is still there - it takes a second or two for the game to go to the upload/retake screen and then it remembers that I touched the screen and decides to retake the scan.

    Alternative solution: disable the 'retake' button for one second when that screen first appears.

    At least it doesn't do this any more:

  • ArrayQueueArrayQueue ✭✭✭

    This is very bad UI/UX. If I scan, it should be saved. If I want to manage the scan in some way, I should go elsewhere and have enough visual cue info on which scan is which to be able to manage it.

    As the buttons are often moved about due to other content (description of the portal) it is inconsistent where the UI is. This is poor design.

    And when a scan is taken and you return to the map, the banner across the screen mentioning uploads and 7 scans, etc. Well that's right in the way if my playfield and there seems no way to remove it other than wait.

    I should be able to suppress that banner message as I fully understand what it says. Of course, if once I've suppressed it and the content changes, then it should come back with a version tag to show this is a new message.

    User persistent choices.

  • Love the ideas, here. Lost beautiful scans due to this poor designs. Definitely no longer bothering to put effort into nice ones any more; if good scans are a goal then this would have been fixed long ago.

  • Bumping topic. Very frustrating location. Discourages scanning when this happens. Please relocate or adjust UI to avoid this issue

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