Drone out of range

Hi, i have same issue as many others. While moving my drone to a portal it keeps getting ”out of range”. Going out and back or restarting Prime helps. But not always. Seems like i have 2 drones? Could Anyone fix This?


  • How far are you trying to move it when you get "out of range"? Half a kilometer? One kilometer? More? Is the portal on your drone's scanner, or is it just a spot where you know there's an unshown portal?

    If you have a key to your target portal, you can jump up to 1.1k, but it's pain. You have to keep going in and out of the key and drone until it works.

  • @MargariteDVille This has nothing to do with the distance. This happens 9/10 times while moving the drone. Its the same if the portal is 20 meters as it is 200 meters.

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    I dont understand?

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