Duplicate quantum capsule

My quantum capsule, id D046975A appears twice in my inventory and its contents seem to come and go at random.

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  • Thanks for reaching out, @foldoc! Please submit a ticket via in-app support. One of our reps will look into this for you.

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    If you name one of the capsules, does both of their names change? If so, you actually have two capsules, but because they have the same GUID, sometimes you are working with one, and sometimes the other.

    You can try this:

    Drop one of the capsules. Check the content of the remaining capsule. If it's not empty, empty it out.

    Now move a short distance away, drop the second capsule. Pick up the first capsule. Check the contents. If it's not empty, empty it out.

    At this point, you can either recycle one of the capsules and keep the other, or you can keep both around for the novelty factor - just don't use them to store things.

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