“Niantic” Community Day and how it could be improved

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Looking at the responses here;

It seems like Niantic Community Day has been a shambles for Ingress and for agents, whilst nice things have been done for Pokémon GO & Pikmin Bloom.

Ingress is the only game of these without a specific “Community Day”. We do have First Saturday and Second Sunday, but not a Community Day.

Is that why we are so left out? If we had an Ingress Community Day, what should happen at it? Should it have certain items featured, like in Pokémon GO, so we would have a “Heat Sink Day” for May where we get more Heat Sinks from hacks and 2xAP for some hours in the day for certain actions? Something else as well?

It’s a shame to feel like the game we enjoy is an afterthought and not worth telling the agency staff about.

Ingress is mentioned on the Community Day website, so let’s keep it in mind at the actual events please.



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    Apologies for the tag @NianticThia but I would like to think that agents will provide some constructive feedback that can be used for next month and June.

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    So much this ^

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    I'm a bit surprised they didn't run a few battle beacons on the niantic portals, at least one of the previous community days did have something like that. Having a few temporary portals to play with is nice and all, but you need a bit more than that for an event.

    On the bright side, at least one of the folks at the location I went to did know ingress is a thing.

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    Thank you @NianticBrian for participating with @Chics on our attempt to get more LATAM Agents get involved at Niantic Community Day!

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    About Niantic Chat, that's another issue we have here. It's actually too glitchy, too laggy and only avaliable on Ingress by now. So I don't see many use for event-planning at the moment. When I went to the event place I tried to navigate in case there was a group about the community day. I ended frustrated, not only there wasn't a group but Niantic Chat's performance was noticeable poor and made the game stuck with a loading screen when closing it.

  • Niantic Chats could have been better if they left the 'chat' to someone else and provided a social media feed website similar to how G+ allowed groups to connect, post their achievements, show their fun and interesting encounters etc.

    Niantic Chat also not being accessible by anything except through the apps makes it clunky and difficult to pay attention to.

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    its very sluggish yes compared to comm, also when its all in french and u cant change it kinda falls flat..

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    Welp, that's what you get when you're late at adding a high requested feature that the playerbase themselves already covered by other means from a long time ago. Plus, not being optimized doesn't help too much...

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    Narrator: “And of course, they did not know what Ingress was.”

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    Crossing fingers - lol.

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    "If I hope really really hard, maybe the 'competence fairies' will fix it."

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    Oddly enough, they have at least three threads in their own forums with a lot of feedback as well…. I’m curious if anyone from the Ingress team will see any of it as valuable or if they’re all working on other games at this point…

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    And..."silence" was made.

    That's why I don't trust Niantic anymore. People keep giving feedback, they keep not giving a ***t.

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    The Pokémon GO blog has posted a Community Day recap. Can’t wait for the Ingress one!

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    The Niantic Community Day has been a focus on the Niantic brand more than the games. I think we're in a weird spot because First Saturday (or perhaps Second Sunday?) would be the most logical fit to Pokémon and Pikmin Community Days.

    I was at the Jacksonville one this past weekend and they had Niantic material. Benches for people and cornhole for people to play. (Venue could have been better with shade but that's a problem with Jacksonville as the Landings used to have buildings)

    I'm not surprised people didn't know about Ingress but I think that's a bit of the beauty - introduce them to Ingress and see if it attracts them.

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    The next Niantic Community Day (as it’s always the same as the Pokémon GO one) is 21st May.

    We will be having the Kythera event for Ingress:

    21-22 May: Kythera Anomaly

    on that day. For this one, you will have some community run events for it, as applicants were asked for. Surely it would be an ideal time to send the ENL/RES leads for those events some codes or extra stuff they can share with the Niantic Community during this event?

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