Wrongly banned word

Hi, I live in a city called Ouro Preto and I'm having an issue while editing the titles and descriptions of a portal.

The name of the city is in portuguese and it means "Black Gold". Whenever I type the term "Ouro Preto" and try to submit the edit, I get a "Banned word" alert (this portal in particular have many mistakes in its description):

As you can see, it may happen because of the word "preto", which means "black" and may be wrongly assumed as a racist term. I have some reasons this is a wrong assumption:

1- The word "preto" is common and part of a name of other cities like São José do Rio Preto and Ribeirão Preto. So any player from these cities can't use it in portals in their cities. It's like blocking the word "New" from New York;

2- The term is not racist, at least in portuguese. Ask any black brazilian and most of them will say that's not offensive (it can be depending on the context and the way someone says it). It's also the official way of calling black people in Brazil, used by the government. If you have any doubt, read this on page 34. The pejorative word is "negro", even though very few people find it offensive either;

3- The word is also present in older portals. Even in the one i tried to edit. Other ones are (you can find many others on the intel map);

I'm trying to use a workaround calling "Ouro Preto" as "OP", but I highly doubt any moderator would understand, because it's used more locally and I'm pretty much the only player in the area. The others quit the game a long time ago.

I'm hoping this gets fixed. The game improved a lot in its prime version, but this problem is frustrating.



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