Feature Request: two types of inventory (Pokemon GO style)

We already have inventory split into two categories: keys, and items. But unfotunately both of them use the same storage quota.

In PoGO however, the split is not only as a category, but also as a different storage. You can buy up your two inventories (one for Pokémon, and other for items) into quite good/ managable and comfortable size, that you can adjust to your gameplay style.

Most important: this upgrades, after buy, are permanent. Not subscription.

Niantic allows expansion of storage in PoGO to 3500 items in item bag, and to 3500 Pokémon storage. That is 7000 storage!

In Ingress, there is only 2000 items of overall storage (keys, items, boosts, etc.). 2500 if you buy subscription.

That's a bit belittling in regard to Ingress players. Sorry, but it is.

Long story short, my idea:

  1. Divide item storage into 2 separate categories: keys and items.
  2. Make both storages upgradeable, yes, for actual money.
  3. For start, set max capacity of each storage to 2000 each. Allow 50-100 items upgrades up to 3500 items capacity each (maybe 1000 items at each category at the start of the game, for new players if you wish).

Count the cash.

  1. Watch Ingress players run around in rapture and delight, make more links, more building, more destruction, more everything.
  2. And no, no one will resign from C.O.R.E. because it has another 500 items in one shot (though 500 items is still a bit poor quantity) and good item bonuses.

No, KeyLocker is not the same/ or not equivalent for three reasons:

  1. Keys stored in KL are unusable.
  2. Keys not stored in KL take overall available items space.
  3. KL items takes up space on their own, max up to 6 items, but still.

I know we all want it.

Best to everyone!



  • @PosepnyCzerep Interesting idea. There ARE a lot more portals now. AND a lot more types of mod and boost objects. And viruses.

    Other ideas have been:

    • 1) "Scrapbook" option for keys - you can look at them and see how they're doing, but they can't be used to link or recharge, and don't count in your inventory. For example, someplace you went on vacation, or keys to portals you submitted and were accepted.
    • 2) Change the boost items to not count on inventory.

    This solution, of having different maximums on different categories, would address even more possibilities.

  • @EvilSuperHeros

    I know it was mentioned, and I know how it worked back then. Been then, done that. And I do remember time without that limit, no biggie.

    But also since then, game changed its engine. So I guess, that there is a room for improvement. And if there would be possibility to upgrade item space, it wouldn't be obligatory, so only those who would want to do this, would actually do this.

    Also, as I wrote in my original post, Key Lockers are not what I mean, you can read that again.

  • I don't want to ruin anything, but in everything that surrounds us, people with more money, but especially people with more time, more gameplay time, more engagement are the ones who do better. In games, in things they do, in work, everywhere.

    All I want is to give possibility to bring some more balance to the game.

    Right now, you kinda have to focus on one gameplay type more than the other. Your gameplay is not flexible, you cannot perform quick strategy changes to adapt. It's all limited by one thing. Small inventory space.

  • I gladly accept any good idea that adds me some space for my inventory!

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Time is part of the gameplay. Those with more time, or those who spend their time more efficiently will do more than those who don't.

    How would having more (than the current 3,100 slots) make the game better? Explain it. Do you need to hold more XMPS? More resonators? More keys? What's your thought process here? You complain about the time aspect of the game. Why would having more space, have anything to do with the amount of time you spend playing the game? If you have more space, you will need to use more time to fill it up.

  • kiloecholimakiloecholima ✭✭✭✭✭

    I like the scrapbook idea. I think you may have implied this, but I'd just add that scrapbooking a key should permanently retire the key; meaning that it can't be pulled from the scrapbook and put back into inventory, otherwise the scrapbook would just act like another key locker. But this would be a great idea for keys that are sentimental but not useful.

  • First things first. I complain about time? I guess you should once again read what I wrote, and believe me, all you find is that I complain about not enough inventory space.

    Second thing, you can be all efficient all you want, but only in the tight bounds of invemtory capacity.

    Third, you constantly say I have 3100 inventory space, but again you deflect the fact, that 600 item space of that capacity is only for keys, and that 600 keys stored in that inventory is rendered useless, non active. Also, 500 of inventory space is just a subscription option.

    Read my first post again, then I hope you'll understand what I mean. And what is my goal.

    Fourth, explain. Again, no time problems here, I don't know where did you dug that?! The problem is a lack of more inventory space. To be effective and more flexible at my area I need more storage, and surprise, surprise.... For rezos, xmps, shields and keys.

    Five. In case, it wasn' clear, time is not of the essence here. I have no problem with fast replenishing the goods, but I have a problem with a size of the room to keep the goods.

  • @kiloecholima looking at it, the way you described this scrapbooking, is absolutely not what I want.

    Keys that have sentimental value to me, ale in the Key Locker.

    I do not need another feature/ option to be added, and that would be scrapbook, I want and existing feature (inventory) to have expanded value.

  • ZinkyZonkZinkyZonk ✭✭✭

    @PosepnyCzerep inventory management is really difficult.

    And somedays it's been too hard to sort it out so I don't play. This is the main reason why I can't keep a sojourner badge to onix. I acknowledge that it is a barrier to casual/time poor /easily bored players.

    Yet 2000 items is a lot of gear.

    My observations:

    Expectation more space for bursters with core .... Reality I filled it with keys lololol.

    If you don't have time to sort it. You don't have to play.

    Some ops you'll need more than 2000 keys other play might need 1000 bursters. So the composition of your inventory needs to be flexible.

    Find it best to use capsules with label of the item type and minimum and/or maximum items

    "RMH max 50" "US8 min 30"

    Keep 1 key locker empty to stash keys quickly (I don't practice this one but I should)

  • I'm sorry, but you didn't get that one right.

    Read that point once again:

    "For start, set max capacity of each storage to 2000 each. Allow 50-100 items upgrades up to 3500 items capacity each (maybe 1000 items at each category at the start of the game, for new players if you wish)."

    Key words to what you are concerned about, are "maybe" and "for new players" and especially "if you wish". And that is to NIA, which never was very giving.

    To sum up: I'm all in, having simply 10000 item capacity for all, but seeing how it pan out in PoGO I used similar model. I just added an eventual option for NIA to think about for new players, if they (NIA) feel miserly.

    I also would rather have a freedom to decide if I want to be in a red faction, and have only XMPs, no other things, or just be in the white faction and have just keys.

    The second thing: game changing itself is a great reason. As I wrote before, we have more items, more activities and we still have very limiting storage space.

    Also, just demanding, without proposing any actual ideas for eventual change is just childish. Maybe my idea will plant a seed in someones head, or it won't. Easy.

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    Also, just demanding, without proposing any actual ideas for eventual change is just childish. 

    Or you know... "We'd like more inventory" is just fine.

    From the OP:

    Divide item storage into 2 separate categories: keys and items.

    The point is not that they won't do it unless you "jazz it up". It's that your distinguishing between "Keys vs other items" is a bad idea.

  • I agree. Inventory management is really difficult, but it is especially difficult when the available capacity is very limiting.

    I have 6 Key Lockers, and I have keys in them, sorted well. Also, I burn unwanted keys. Rest of my inventory is not accidental, and I keep it tidy.

    But there is just not enough space.

  • Well, you got a point, and you don't at the same time. Sometimethe

    he idea is not enough without the package, if you catch my drift.

    But you are absolutely right about one thing - item space - moarr!

    If I say: I want more storage, and OP gives me more storage, and on top of that, he divides it, I don't care, because I still got more storage for everything.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    With the copy portal link function you can create your own "scrapbook" by posting the portal links into a document

  • Why it would unbalance the game?

    Everyone would have the same amount of storage to fill...

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Because some ppl play harder than others.

    This would allow hardcore players to dominate even further.

  • LOL. Some ppl play harder than others? This is your reason?

    Every person that works harder than others will always be better, than those who slack around, despite the given ramification.

    Look at it differently, maybe someone like you, a casual player, not a hard player, could gather much more resources over some period of time, and from time to time you could unleash all of that, like you are unablento do right now, because....

    ...item space is too little, and you struggle between being flexible, or concentrated on building, or on destroying, or you are key hoarder, or a sentimental gatherer of media, etc., etc..

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can have up to 3100 items.

    Key Capsules - do you really run around with 600+ keys in your inventory? Key capsules do their thing, and they do it well.

    +500 Inventory space is from the subscription. If you can't do $5 a month, then don't do it. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what most agents have spent on much anything else in the game (ie transportation to events, events, hotels, after parties, drinks, food, ect).

    Looks like in your area you need more XMPS considering you appear to be surrounded by lots of green portals. So of course, if you could buy extra space, you could potentially load up thousands of xmps, along with the cubes you'd need for that activity. But you could do that now, if you'd clean up your inventory space.

    Anyway comparing items in pogo to items in Ingress isn't even on the same level. Collector game vs capture the flag (err, mu)

    Everyone else has been working with their inventory space over the years just fine. Choose and path and forge forward. You will get more out of the game by actually playing it vs complaining about it on the forums.

  • @EvilSuperHeros

    And yet, you fail to understand again. Keylockers storage is inactive, and that is the key here. 😉

    I can afford 5$ a month. Once again, it's not about that, you're missing the point.

    The two above points are just derailing far from what this all is about.

    Exactly, gathering more XMPs would allow to perform a wider green purge at once and without sacrificing other stuff, I still want to hold on to.

    There is nothing to clean up in my inventory space.

    I get the difference between this two games. Don't sweat. Once again, it's not about changing it to something it shouldn't be, but allow it to catch up to growing variety of items and chances to use them.

    I don't know how many players you know, or directly played with, but as far as I know, talked, and played together, many, many players I got to meet, do want inventory to be expanded.

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    The Inventory is already obsolete, it is past time for it to be redone. 

    For those who are active players, 2000 items is not enough! Much less 2500 with CORE.

    Even if you take 2500 XMPs to an area dominated by another faction, your items will run out, you will have to stop to refill and the mission will be incomplete.

    I am not even considering the fact that you will run out of xm, due to the expense of equipment and the reflected damage from the portals.

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @MarllonGTA I run burster-heavy and I routinely smash heavily-fortified areas. When I farm bursters I also farm cubes/hypercubes, and I convert PC8 to hypercubes for more compact storage. I've never even come close to running out of XM. I'm not going to be able to flatten 500 fortified P7s/8s on one run with the current inventory cap but I don't think that's a realistic expectation. A few weeks ago I watched a friend take out a hundred P8s in an evening, so that's certainly doable.

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    Actually this argument is wrong. It implies that hardcore players are more limited.

    Hardcore players farm more and use their gear more. Therefore, they process far more gear even with the limit. And have more fuel to drive back and forth from the farm to the opposition. Hardcore players are less limited by the inventory size, even if they do gripe far more about it.

    Casual players who can fill up and hold a far larger amount gear, would be able to play more regularly without having to travel to an area where there's high level portals, because they could do it once, then continue to play as that supply slowly burns down. Then two weeks later, go back to the farm and fill up again.

    Larger inventories help casual players far more than they help hardcore players, because the hardcore player is going to do it anyway, it just may take more trips. A casual player whose gear runs out will stop until they have a chance to go where high level portals are. It's far more of a limitation for them.

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