No more extra AP gain for recharging

In regards to changing the AP gain for recharging back to 10AP, obviously this was the way for people to participate in FS virtually since COVID. Now with things slowly getting back to normal and people are starting to attend in person will Niantic be making changes back for FS like the double AP being added to your end score or restocking portals etc?


  • For the moment, it seems like Niantic is encouraging people to go back outside, but they're not requiring it, which is probably a good thing given the disparity in outcomes for various parts of the world.

  • Okay so is it still the case that people that can’t get out still and are doing FS@Home are having to recharge required amount and go through hypercubes with it being back to only 10AP? People that can go out back into the real world and enjoy a real FS surely a restock portal isn’t too much to ask no?

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    I'd imagine the backlash would be swift and immediate if they actually did it. There's a lot of people very protective of "random unknown players still affected by covid".

    They definitely exist, but I doubt they'd be as upset by others having in person events as people claim. Jealous yes, but wanting to stop others, doubt it.

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