Quantum Capsule

I have a few quantum capsules for 2 weeks they have not incriminate the item inside. 1 lvl 8 xmp burster inside each.

I also do not get Jarvis or Ada refractor on hacking any more.

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  • I wanted to let you know they used to work about 8-10 bursters a week now nothing.

    Jarvis virus I haven't received in 6 months I play every day.

  • JeroenixJeroenix ✭✭✭

    @DoubleJComputer As I understand, you need to fill up the quantum containers (QC's) to increase the chance that one of those items will replicate. If you only put in one, it takes a long time.

    Also, make sure that there's enough space in your inventory - if that's above limit then the QC doesn't have room to store the extra item and it will look like nothing ever happens. If you play daily I suggest putting 96 level 8 XMP's in your QC's, because sometimes more than two replicate at the same time.

    Also, very rare items like Jarvis, ADA, Aegis, etc. don't replicate at all anymore, hasn't done that for years. It's intended.

    If you want to test if they work: lower level items are said to replicate faster, so put in 98 low level XMPs in a QC, make sure your inventory has free space, and wait 2 days. I don't think QC's are currently suffering any bugs.

  • It doesnt seem to be the same. Was there an event that increased these rates recently? Also Jarvis virus I haven't seen one in 6 months or so. I had to purchase a pack that had 3 of them last month.

  • Random is random.

    I was convinced my capsule of 56 had stopped reproducing for a fortnight, then suddenly 3 days in a row, extras.

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