dynamic compass does not match actual orientation

been bugging me for a while, across several devices

Nubia Redmagic 6, Prime 2.72, Android 11

it seems like the dynamic compass is "off" by about 22 degrees. See video, from my phone mounted in a holder facing straight forward in my vehicle.

dunno if this is a "true north" vs "magnetic north" issue, or something else. If i put my finger on the screen to rotate the map orientation properly, it lasts for a few seconds and then go back to the incorrect orientation, which makes me sad.


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  • FrogRFrogR ✭✭

    Without exaggeration I have had this has ALWAYS been and issue for me since Ingress was born... And it's never been fixed.

  • See video, from my phone mounted in a holder facing straight forward in my vehicle.

    Install a compass application, run the same test, then don't blame Ingress for a compass not working when the phone is VERTICAL.

  • grsmhikergrsmhiker ✭✭✭

    There was no need for the previous poster to be so snarky.

    The short explanation is that some phone models, depending on hardware, have to be held horizontally to get a correct comapss heading.

    The slightly longer answer is that some digital compass sensors are not "tri-axial", meaning that it is likely your particular phone cannot account for changes in vertical orientation while standing still. Some compass chips compensate for this by including magnetometers that can sense in three dimensions, and some newer phones can use accelerometer input to correct for vertical angles. In still other cases, some phones calculate a compass heading while moving using your GPS heading, but this is not ideal since GPS drift can send your compass spinning if implemented poorly.

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