Second Sunday - No NIA Missions Available

There are no NIA missions within a 4-5 hour drive, and a lot of both locals and tourists in Myrtle Beach, SC that want to participate in the next two Second Sunday events. How do we get our area prioritized, and/or volunteer to submit missions specifically for Second Sunday? We want to play and we are willing to help.


  • spiesrspiesr ✭✭

    You don't. That's not how this works.

  • LilmavericLilmaveric ✭✭✭

    100% This.

    It is so difficult for rural players to participate in the game they love when the event is Extremely limited to places that have already enjoyed access to the previous events.

    Personally I am a 6 hour drive or a 7 hour drive to the two closest cities where I would be able to attend with the current parameters. The stated goal was that everyone could participate safely without traveling.

    If that is the case then the remaining Second Sunday events really should follow the standard set by the original and allow the Badge tick up for completing Any 6 missions within the allotted event period.

  • The closest large city for me is five hours and extremely dangerous to visit. I hope my own city missions work for the badge, agents in my smaller city created some interesting missions I have never tried.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, except for the second month, all Second Sundays worked with all missions, no matter if they were created by Niantic or by agents. As long as you complete 6 different Missions next Sunday, you'll receive the Second Sunday badge.

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