Impersonation account On Niantic Social

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We are requesting that Niantic take immediate action and prevent Resistance Agent bluedjude from continuing to impersonate Enlightened agent Nysyr on Niantic Social. This is directly against the Rules of Niantic Social (see screenshots).

Bluedjude was banned from in games comms for insulting and unpleasant behaviour and then immediately started using Niantic Social to communicate directly with agents. As his display name is set to Nysyr, agents initially thought that the messages came from the real Nysyr.

We don’t know who else he has messaged on other teams or in other games pretending to be someone he isn’t.

He has been impersonating Nysyr for months (see screenshots for December). We have already reported the impersonation account multiple times, but the account is still active and so we decided to post on the forums in hopes that Niantic will enforce their own rules against such a flagrant and obvious violation.

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